This Final Fantasy XV Trailer Is In English, But It’s Still Not Ready

Posted by Bob Muir on Dec 16, 2014 in Videogames |

Final Fantasy XV

Though Final Fantasy Versus XIII was reannounced for PS4/Xbox One and renamed¬†Final Fantasy XV¬†back in 2013, it’s still not ready for release. Who knows when this game is actually coming out? I’d say that 2015 looks to be a safe bet, but considering that the game was announced long ago in 2006, there’s honestly no telling when it will be done. This latest trailer is basically the trailer from this year’s TGS, but with new, English voices. There’s nothing really wrong with the voices, and it’s hard to get a read on them in a short trailer. But whatever happened to the people in charge of Final Fantasy XII’s fabulous localization? Even if this game didn’t have British accents, it would help elevate the usual localization.

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