In Memoriam: The Fictional Characters That Died In 2014

Posted by Ben Huber on Jan 4, 2015 in Fandom |


I think it’s safe to say there is a HUGE spoiler warning for this video for… well, uh, everything. The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones (I mean, come on, half the list is GoT characters), The Hobbit, True Blood, Gotham… wait. Listen, I don’t think Martha and Thomas Wayne count. If they did, they’d be on this list every year! I was most surprised not by the video itself though, but by the uploader: Hot Topic. When did they get into the silly internet video business? I thought they were too busy appropriating memes to print on shirts. This is a surprisingly clever video and well-timed — good job, whoever at Hot topic that came up with this!

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