How To Make A Fake Smash Bros. Leak

Posted by Ben Huber on Feb 16, 2015 in Fandom, Videogames |


Over the last day or so you may have seen the supposed “leak” of DLC for Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS featuring Rayman. It was pretty real-looking, aside from the fact that people were wondering if Rayman could really be added to the game. Well, YouTube user Artsy Omni quickly revealed that he was the one behind the video, and yes, he made it all on his own. Sorry, Rayman fans, maybe next time! Still, Omni made a great video going into how he made the “leak” and made it seem authentic. It’s also just a great primer on the things you can do with After Effects! Don’t be too upset… check out the video below!


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