Stand In a Field For The New Tomorrowland Poster

Posted by Ben Huber on Mar 9, 2015 in Cinema |


Tomorrowland is one of my most anticipated films this year, but it’s also shrouded in mystery. In this age of leaks and spy-photos, we’ve seen surprisingly little of the story. (I’m sure there are some legitimate leaks out there, yet they haven’t really gone mainstream. But I digress.) I think this is great, as it’ll let many people jump into the film fresh. Brad Bird’s talent as a director will hopefully be on full display here (the teaser trailer was fantastic). In this new poster George Clooney and a young boy stand in a field, waiting for something. Maybe they’re waiting for the new trailer that will premiere today? When the trailer is up, it’ll be here! Until then, check out the poster below.


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