Star Wars Stand-Alone Film Titled “Rogue One” & Episode VIII Release Date Announced

Posted by Ben Huber on Mar 13, 2015 in Star Wars |


After much theorizing about the story and characters, Lucasfilm and Disney have finally revealed some critical information about the first stand-alone Star Wars film: the title, “Rogue One.” The Gareth Edward’s-directed film will also feature Felicity Jones as one of the leads (although Disney simply lists her as “the first actress cast”). All of this was officially announced in Disney CEO Bob Iger’s shareholder meeting. In addition, they also confirmed what we all already knew, that Rian Johnson would write and direct Star Wars: Episode VIII… but then they added a new tidbit: Episode VIII will release May 26th, 2017. So, uh, start saving your spot in line now?

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