The Final Moonwalk of the 20th Century

Posted by Michael Pinto on Dec 13, 2009 in Science

Apollo 17 in 1972: The last moonwalk of the 20th Century

On this day in 1972 astronauts Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt went out for their third and final Extra-vehicular activity (EVA) — which is known to us civilians as a moonwalk. The Apollo 17 mission would mark the last time in the 20th Century when humans would walk the surface of the moon. While the close of that century would start a new golden age of astronomy with many planets outside of our solar system being discovered, it’s been a dark age of space exploration. And yet least we forget: The nation that went to the moon was in the middle of an expensive Cold War, was fighting an actual war in Asia and was enacting new healthcare programs — and yet they still had the gumption to go. Read more…

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Kikaider: “Dr. Komyoji Designed Me to Protect the Kids!”

Posted by Michael Pinto on Dec 9, 2008 in Japanese TV

The 1972 Japanese TV show Artificial Humanoid Kikaider (人造人間キカイダ) was a tribute of sorts to Astro Boy. The humanoid robot was created by Shotaro Ishinomori who actually worked for Osamu Tezuka a few years earlier, who in turn was inspired by both Pinocchio and Frankenstein. In the show Kikaider is created by Dr. Komyoji to protect himself and his very cute kids (who you can see in the clip above) from the dark Android which was created by the nefarious Professor Gill (who must have been upset that he didn’t get his doctorate in android engineering). The live action show was so popular back in the day that it inspired a manga and years later an anime series. Read more…

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Kamen Rider versus Shocker

Posted by Michael Pinto on Nov 24, 2008 in Japanese TV

Kamen Rider was a TV show from the early 70s in Japan, but there were in fact three low budget films also made at the same time. This is a silly clip from Kamen Rider versus Shocker which revolves around a plot dealing with the secret plans for a gravity machine that becomes stolen during a birthday party for Professor Daidōji’s daughter. The best part of this 1972 film is clearly the evil rubber suited character running about with the daughter’s teddy bear while engaging in combat action with Kamen Rider. Read more…

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