Georgia Boy Gets Clone Trooper Replacement Arm

Posted by Ben Huber on Jan 18, 2015 in Star Wars


A young boy from Georgia, Liam Porter, born without an arm, recently was given quite the surprise. He wanted a cool-looking Star Wars-themed Clone Trooper prosthetic arm… so what happened? The 501st Legion hooked up with the man 3D printing it and set up a whole event to give it to Liam. This involved several troopers being present and giving him his own helmet to wear too! This is really awesome. From The Augusta Chronicle article: “‘They want it to look as superhero-ish or as robotic as possible,’ Peterson said. ‘To them, it is just cool. And it actually frees us up a lot because now we can feel free to try to experiment and do different things. Like, hey, why not put a clamp on a hand? It’s just a tool anyway.'” Amazing work! Check out a video of the event below. Read more…



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