US Air Force Was Once Developing A Supersonic Flying Saucer

Posted by Bob Muir on Oct 9, 2012 in Science, Tech

Flying Saucer

You know all those people who swear they saw a flying saucer or UFOs in the middle of the 20th century? Well, they could have actually been onto something, as the US government has just declassified documents that show that the Air Force was developing a flying saucer in 1956. “Project 1974” was intended to hover through the air at supersonic speeds. Wow! Read more…

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The Biggest Problem With the 21st Century? No Flying Cars! So Far…

Posted by Michael Pinto on Dec 4, 2009 in Tech

As a child of science fiction shows from the 20th Century I have to admit that my biggest disappointment is how pathetic technology is in the 21st Century. A classic example of this is the lack of flying cars which is why this video of the ICON A5 caught my eye. It’s not quite a flying car, but you can fold up the wings of this aircraft and store it at your house. And while it isn’t as cheap as a typical car, at about $140k it’s pretty cheap. Here are some photos: Read more…



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