Thor Meets Arrested Development In Thorested Development

Posted by Bob Muir on Aug 13, 2013 in Comic Books, Fandom, Television

Thor - Arrested Development

Arrested Development is about a dysfunctional family and the way they bounce off of each other’s mistakes and schemes. So it’s natural to extend that same metaphor to a messed up family of gods — in this case, Marvel’s Asgardians. In this fan video, Thor, Loki, and Odin are mixed with scenes and lines from Arrested Development to create a funny look at this strange royal family. Take a look! Read more…

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Netflix Considering Another Season of Arrested Development

Posted by Ben Huber on Jul 13, 2013 in Television


Did you want more Arrested Development in your life? Netflix may be looking to continue their relationship with Mitch Hurtwitz and the crew. Producer Brian Grazer confirmed that Netflix is looking into the possibility of a fifth season. Granted, the biggest leap to make will be getting the cast together again. It was the hardest part of the fourth season, and the use of green screen to unite characters that film their parts at different times and locations was the biggest criticism I had. Whether that will be tackled again remains to be seen, but I’d still love to see more of the Bluth family. Read more…

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Arrested Development Season 4 Now Up on Netflix

Posted by Ben Huber on May 26, 2013 in Television


Well? What are you waiting for? I mean, you have been waiting several years for this moment, right? Celebrate this Memorial Day weekend and go watch all the new episodes of Arrested Development, now on Netflix. The biggest mistake has finally been unmade. Don’t let me ever hear you say miracles can’t happen. If you can’t log on to Netflix right away, check below for some clips of the new season to give you a short taste. Now get out there and enjoy things. Read more…

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First Arrested Development Clip and New Posters

Posted by Ben Huber on Apr 28, 2013 in Television

Arrested Development, Season 4 Michael Cera

Are you ready for May 26th? Arrested Development will finally return and a brand new season will arrive on Netflix, all in one batch. You know, it actually feels real now. Seeing all these ads and posters, and now our first clip, Arrested Development is truly back! This orange shipping container seems to play a big part in the story, given that they’re using it in all the promotional material. The posters are all pretty basic, but it’s good to see everyone back in character. The first clip is also available courtesy of EW, featuring Buster and Lucille Bluth, so check that out right here. Read more…

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Arrested Development on Netflix Confirmed for May 26th

Posted by Ben Huber on Apr 5, 2013 in Television


Get ready, Bluth fans, because Netflix has finally confirmed the launch date of the new season of Arrested Development: May 26th. Along with this date we also have gotten a new poster, and news that there will be a total of 15 episodes, up from the 14 we heard last. I really hope this catches on and we can see more Arrested Development in the future too, but first we just gotta get to May 26th. Also: they couldn’t have picked a better tagline. Those clever devils over at Netflix know what they’re doing, that’s for sure. Check out the poster below! Read more…

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