Axe Cop: The Movie Will Chop Your Head Off

Posted by Michael Sacco on Jan 29, 2011 in Comic Books

Axe Cop is a webcomic collaboration between artist Ethan Nicholle and his brother Malachai. The twist here is that Malachai is 6 years old. Axe Cop is….well, an axe-wielding cop who chops heads off of dinosaurs, fights aliens, teams up with Flute Cop, and other bizarre situations only a little kid could dream up. It’s glorious. The comic just celebrated its first anniversary, so it’s only fitting that director Peter Muehlenberg release his live-action Axe Cop fan film today. It’s short, ┬ábut it pretty much nails the Axe Cop aesthetic. “I’ll chop your head off!” Read more…



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