The Fat Lady Sings: Baseball Anime Strikes Out in America

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jan 11, 2010 in Animation

The Big Windup

Recently many anime reviewers were letdown that FUNimation dropped Big Windup season two — but frankly I was surprised that they picked it up in the first place. At first one is tempted to shrug it off and say that anime fans aren’t into sports, but clearly the popularity of Prince of Tennis proves that wrong. So what’s the real reason? This may come as a shock but baseball as a sport is endangered in the United States, and sadly that’s because most of Gen Y just doesn’t care about it as a pastime. Read more…

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How To Impress the Ladies in Japan: Wear a Baseball Outfit

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jan 5, 2010 in Japanese TV

Just look at her: She’s so smitten with him! Sadly I couldn’t trace down the baseball player and the lovely lady from this wonderfully cute advert from the 80s. I also love the added touch in the commercial of how she changes her outfit for each special soft drink encounter. Although I did figure out the orange, pineapple and grape flavored beverages featured in the advert was manufactured by Hagoromo foods.

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Holy Cow! It’s Phil Rizzuto for the Money Store

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jun 22, 2009 in Television

The Phil Rizzuto I didn't know: An A+ ball player!

Phil Rizzuto: An ace ball player.

My father was a hardcore New York Yankees fan his entire life — and being of a younger generation THE voice of every Yankees broadcast was Philip Francis Rizzuto loving known as “The Scooter”. Phil’s trademark expression during a game was “Holy Cow — I think he got it!” Now not being a sports fanatic I had no idea growing up that Rizzuto was in fact an ace ball player from 1941 until 1956, you see to me Phil always a gentlemanly sports announcer whose personality filled the air. It should be noted that this in itself is a real talent, and looking back at it my ignorance of his first career is a tribute to just how good a presenter Rizzuto was on the air. Read more…



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