Proof That Bigfoot Can Be a Leading Character

Posted by Michael Pinto on Apr 26, 2010 in Comic Books

Proof #1 - cover

I’ll never forgot those magic moments as a child when The Six Million Dollar Man featured an episode with Bigfoot. Up until that point you might get to see a blurry photo of the guy in an In Search Of… episode, but that show managed to weave Bigfoot into the plot without feeling silly. Eons later kids just don’t care about Bigfoot: Add a zombie, a werewolf or a vampire to any media property and you’ve got a hit — but sadly our Sasquatch friend tends to be overlooked. But now that’s changed with the publication of Proof #1 which comes this Wednesday. Now only does this book start Bigfoot, but instead of him being some inarticulate creature in this book he’s got a great deal of personality: Read more…

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In Search of Loch Ness, Bigfoot, Chupacabra and Jackalope

Posted by Michael Pinto on Mar 19, 2009 in Hobbies and Collections

Cryptid Silhouettes Pin Pack - Loch Ness, Bigfoot, Chupacabra, Jackalope

This Cryptid Silhouettes Pin Pack which I found on Esty reminded me a great deal of the 70s TV show In Search Of… which featured Leonard Nimoy exploring a new topic every week like UFOs or Bigfoot. This pin collection features Loch Ness, Bigfoot, Chupacabra and Jackalope (although I don’t recall any episodes dealing with Chupacabras or Jackalopes). The pins are illustrated by artists Quincy Pearson and Adam Maron. Read more…

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