Look At The Doctor Who Version Of Cards Against Humanity

Posted by Bob Muir on Jan 23, 2014 in Dr. Who, Hobbies and Collections

Cards Against Gallifrey

Yes, you can buy Cards Against Humanity, the more outrageous, dirty version of Apples to Apples. But you can just as easily download the cards and print your own — the makers even provide a link. You can do pretty much whatever you want with the format and writing, just as long as you don’t call it “Cards Against Humanity.” So it’s really easy to make a fan expansion however you want, like Crabs Adjust Humidity. Taking note of this, the comedy group Conventional Improv made a show based on Cards Against Humanity that they perform at conventions. In honor of Doctor Who‘s 50th Anniversary, they had performed a Doctor Who-themed game called Cards Against Gallifrey. That fan version is now available to download, so consider mixing these cards in if you’re a Doctor Who fan. Read more…



Superfight! Makes Improbable Heroes and Villains Clash

Posted by Ben Huber on Dec 2, 2013 in Hobbies and Collections


Here’s a cool new card game I recently heard about: Superfight! The basic gist is as follows: a white card is drawn featuring the villain (Nickleback) and two weaknesses and powers (can clone self and wall-crawler). Then, you make a hero from your cards, and then argue to see who’ll win! The judge then picks their winner out of the various heroes and you begin again. It seems like a unique twist on the Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity style of card game, and it already features a bunch of expansion packs with extra cards. Check out the trailer below or order it online here! Read more…



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