See How the UI of Star Trek Into Darkness Was Made

Posted by Ben Huber on May 20, 2013 in Design, Star Trek


I love behind-the-scenes articles and seeing how things were made for the movies we enjoy, so this great interview by Inventing Interactive with Jorge Almeida about the UI design process in Star Trek Into Darkness is right up my alley. Jorge goes into detail about how he and his team worked on the UI and graphics that the Enterprise crew would be interacting with. My favorite bit it when they talk about the space jump sequence, and the heads-up display used there. If you love those kinds of details this is a fun read. Check out some more concepts below and read the interview here. Read more…

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Dune Remake Spawns Some Spicy Concept Art

Posted by Michael Sacco on Sep 7, 2010 in Cinema

Dune Concept Art: Spice Worm

Okay, so maybe Dune’s original theatrical release was just a little bit before my time, but I’m still plenty familiar with the series, largely thanks to the copy of Barlowe’s Guide to Extraterrestrials I received at a ripe young age. These pieces of concept art from Jock, the artist behind 2000 A.D.,¬†were intended for use in Paramount’s planned Dune remake. While the concepts may have been shelved due to a change in directors, it doesn’t make the art any less compelling, and they really reinforce my belief that no matter what planet you’re on (or netherworld you’re in, in Beetlejuice’s case), you just don’t mess with sandworms. Not that you were probably planning on it, of course, but I like to help a Fremen out.

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Atari Concept Art from a Future Past

Posted by Michael Sacco on Sep 6, 2010 in Tech

Atari concept art

The world of personal electronics is currently in an arms race to see who can come up with the smallest, coolest-looking entertainment devices, but there was a time when the mere concept of a “home computer” was almost unbelievable. Atari may not have had decades of staying power in the PC market, but the Atari name will always be synonymous with early efforts in home computing and video gaming, and these amazing technical drawings and pieces of concept art drawn up by Atari industrial designer Regan Cheng in 1981 show why. Read more…

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