EverQuest Next Re-Announced, Also EverQuest Landmark

Posted by Ben Huber on Aug 3, 2013 in Videogames


EverQuest Next was announced roughly three years ago, and since then the team behind it has been silent. However, they have just re-unveiled the game and it has been completely overhauled. It looks very different visually, with improved graphics and a new art style, but perhaps most interesting is the gameplay changes. EverQuest Next has destructible terrain and custom-created tent villages. While it’s still an MMO, EverQuest Next Landmark (a free-to-play game to build and create objects to take into the game proper) has a heavy dose of Minecraft included in it, as you can collect supplies and build anything your heart desires with a voxel landscape. Everything in the two games is generated procedurally with no repeats. Could this be the MMO to finally shake up the age-old formula? Read more…



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