Lucasfilm Comments On Expanded Universe

Posted by Ben Huber on Apr 26, 2014 in Star Wars


A lot of people love the Star Wars Expanded Universe, which adds a lot of story after Episode VI. However, with the arrival of Episode VII, most people assumed that would be tossed out in favor of whatever new story JJ Abrams wanted along with Lawrence Kasdan and the other writers. I saw a lot of fans clinging to the hope that they’d include Expanded Universe elements though, however unlikely it seemed. Lucasfilm has now officially issued a statement about the Expanded Universe content, saying essentially “sorry guys! It’s not canon.” As anyone sensible guessed, Episode VII and onward will blaze its own story. Don’t worry, though, the Expanded Universe will still stick around and will be now listed under the “Legends” banner. Click here for the full press release. They’ve also released a video, embedded below. Read more…

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