The Fat Albert’s 1977 Christmas Special

Posted by Michael Pinto on Dec 20, 2008 in Animation

Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s 1977 and the Cosby Kids are celebrating Christmas — what’s funny is when I was a kid watching this show I had no clue that Bill Cosby was doing so many voices of the characters. I also had no clue that the show was based on a comedy routine that Cosby had put together in 1967 based upon his childhood experiences of growing up in Philadelphia. When the show was on the air I thought of it as a sort of animated sitcom and I was never able to quite see beyond the low budget Filmation animation — but looking back at it one is sort of amazed that Cosby was able to get a animated series about African Americans on the air that was educational! Keep in mind that what was shown on Saturday morning TV was about as far as you could get from PBS.

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