League Of Legends Puts Out Fancy Cinematic

Posted by Bob Muir on Jul 23, 2014 in Videogames

League of Legends: A New Dawn

I just don’t “get” League of Legends. I understand why it’s popular and that it can be both fun and competitive, but every time I sat down to play it, nothing clicked with me (which isn’t the game’s fault). But what I can get is why this video, “A New Dawn,” is awesome. Riot Games released this cool trailer for League of Legends; the game has been playable since 2009, so this is likely just to draw more attention to the game. It also serves the function of letting players watch several characters duke it out in fancy graphics instead of the in-game engine. Look, I couldn’t tell you why Fox Girl is fighting Axe Man or what any of their special attacks are. But I can safely say that it’s well-animated and offers a cool fight scene, regardless of your investment in the game. Why not take a moment to watch it? Read more…



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