Fox Developing Magic: The Gathering Movie

Posted by Bob Muir on Jan 14, 2014 in Cinema, Hobbies and Collections


Magic: The Gathering is still one of the most popular trading card games out there, despite being 20 years old. And since Hollywood has shown it is willing to develop even simple board games like Battleship into a reasonable facsimile of a movie, I can’t be entirely surprised that there’s a Magic movie on the way. Yes, Hasbro has made a deal with 20th Century Fox to adapt a card game into a movie. They’re aiming for something as epic as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, which sounds silly, but there’s a ton of lore (often expanded upon in books and comics) for writers to draw from, so it’s possible. Simon Kinberg, who helped produce the X-Men and Fantastic Four universes for Fox, will produce Magic as a franchise, with multiple movies being the ultimate goal. All well and good, but do we really need a Magic movie? Does everything need to be tied to a preexisting product or franchise these days? Read more…

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Back in Black With Magic 2012

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Sep 14, 2011 in Hobbies and Collections, Videogames

Magic the Gathering 2012 Expansion 1

Earlier today, Wizards of the Coast launched the first official expansion for Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012. The expansion adds three new planeswalkers to choose from, including the much anticipated return of Liliana Vess and her “Grave Whispers” deck. Others include Ajani Goldmine’s “Auramancer” deck, and Ral Zarek’s “Cloudburst” deck, neither of which I’m familiar with. Still, I can’t wait to see what surprises they have in store for us. In addition to the new decks, the expansion will add four additional cards to the existing decks, additional challenges and campaign levels, the ability to play as the archenemy in the 3 vs 1 battles, and six preview cards from the upcoming Innistrad expansion. Quite a deal, don’t you think? The expansion retails for  ~$5 on both the PS3 and Xbox 360, but PC users can get a %40-50 discount if they purchase the expansion or game via Steam right now.

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Better Late Than Never; Magic hits PSN

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Dec 14, 2010 in Videogames

Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planes Walker

It’s been well over a year since this stripped down, arcade-friendly version of the popular Magic the Gathering videogame, Duels of the Planeswalkers, hit Xbox 360’s Live! online gaming service. Back in June, the game launched for the PC, giving those of us who were left out by the Xbox exclusive launch a chance to own the game. Well, now it would seem the game has finally launched on Playstation Network, complete with all three current expansions. Now, don’t get me wrong, I loved the original trading-card game but in addition to being incredibly addictive, it was also perhaps the most expensive hobby I’ve ever had — aside from music. I can’t fathom how much money I must have wasted in college trying to build decent decks. The nice thing about this scaled down version of the game is that it includes all the rules and gameplay of the original at a fraction of that cost. How so? Read more…

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