Legendary To Adapt ‘Myst’ For TV Series

Posted by Bob Muir on Oct 9, 2014 in Television, Videogames


Here’s a blast from the past. Many will remember Myst, the prerendered videogame from 1993 that has the player touching books to enter immersive worlds (or “ages”) filled with puzzles. The series ended with Myst V in 2005, but now Legendary Entertainment has announced a deal that will allow them to develop Myst for TV. Since there is little story in the game, there are many ways this adaptation could go. I wouldn’t be surprised if they included a new age or two if their story needs it. But dormant fans should take note: developers Rand and Robyn Miller have discussed making a new videogame to tie-in to the TV series, so the franchise may see a sudden revival. Read more…



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