Why John Sculley Has This Apple Fanboy’s Thanks

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jun 25, 2010 in Tech

Steve Jobs on the left and John Sculley on the right from the early 80s with a Mac and a Lisa

Apple logo from the 80sA while ago former Apple CEO John Sculley gave an interview in which he confessed to deeply regret his firing of Steve Jobs twenty five years ago. To many it seems obvious that Jobs should have been running the company just as Bill Gates did with Microsoft. However I think Sculley firing Steve Jobs was in fact the best thing that he could have ever done for Apple, and perhaps the entire computer industry. Read more…

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How Palm Became the Next Newton

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jan 9, 2009 in Tech

The Palm Pre and the Apple Newton

The history of tech is so ironic: Once upon a time in the early 90s Apple gave birth to the first real PDA — the Newton. I was at the first MacWorld in Boston when an army of eager developers got their hands on this gizmo, you could feel the magic in the air. In retrospect most people look at all of the flaws of the Newton (like a hand writing recognition) but people forget what a breakthrough it was at the time. Read more…

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