Parks And Recreation’s ‘Cones of Dunshire’ Getting Exhibition Game

Posted by Bob Muir on Dec 31, 2013 in Television

Cones of Dunshire

In Parks and Recreation‘s latest season, accountant Ben Wyatt is unemployed for a week between jobs and comes up with a ridiculously complicated board game called The Cones of Dunshire. It was actually produced for the show based on the script by Mayfair Games, who makes The Settlers of Catan, which this game is trying to evoke. I loved the joke because it reminded me of times when I’d have to try and explain other complicated board games like Arkham Horror to neophytes and watching their eyes glaze over — or times when I felt the same way trying to understand someone else’s board game. Apparently the numerous rules have been ironed out somewhat, as the game will be staged at GenCon this summer in Indianapolis. Mayfair notes that it will be “big and festive and probably for charity,” hoping that Adam Scott, the actor who plays Ben, can make it there for “his” game. I’d just like to figure out how the hell it’s actually played, because nothing he said in the episode made sense. Read more…

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Patton Oswalt’s Star Wars Filibuster

Posted by Ben Huber on Apr 20, 2013 in Fandom, Star Wars


Patton Oswalt is a wonderful, fantastic dude. He’s able to be both funny and articulate, and he made a guest appearance on Parks and Recreation, filibustering the City Council… By reciting his entire plan for the next Star Wars movie, as well as the trilogy as a whole. It starts off pretty solid, and then it gets amazing. I won’t spoil it too much, but lets just say Tony Stark is involved. It’s good stuff. Check out all 8 minutes of his plot below in the video. Read more…



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