Understanding the Story Behind Force Unleashed 2

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Oct 13, 2010 in Star Wars, Videogames

I had written that I wasn’t entirely sure how they’d go about creating a sequel to Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, but after viewing the trailer, I had a basic grasp of the premise. You play a clone of the previous hero who scrafices himself to save the rebellion. Subsequently, this extended production dairy delves a little deeper, giving us a better understanding of exactly what they have in mind for this upcoming sequel, from introducing narrative to characters we’ve seen before, such as Yoda and Boba Fett. If this piques your interest, the demo is now available for download on both Xbox Live! and Playstation Network.

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The Force Unleashed Strikes Back

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Oct 12, 2010 in Star Wars, Videogames

At first, I found myself wondering how they managed to create a sequel seeing as the first Star Wars: The Force Unleashed had such a definitive pair of endings. Not to spoil anything — Episode IV pretty much does that for you, seeing as it takes place between episodes III and IV — but it’s either you or Vader at the end, and we all know how that turns out. So, naturally you’d think the game would be a sequel in name only — guess again. The game apparently takes place after the first, and as this trailer reveals, you play a clone of the previous hero. Again, you can probably guess the ending, but on the bright side, you’ll get more of that over-the-top gameplay we experienced the first time around. Of course, I don’t think anything is as over the top as using the force to crash a Star Destroyer, but who am I to judge.

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The Force Unleashed: But the Talent Held Back?

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jul 25, 2009 in Star Wars, Videogames

Usually LucasArts does a great job with anything that they touch, but something seems a bit off on this promo for Star Wars The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition. Part of it may be the average quality of the voice acting, yet part of me also isn’t blown away by the visuals shown here. Well my hopes aren’t too high, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt until I see more — which I suspect we will as the game is due out for Christmas season this year.

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