Stephen Colbert Interviews Smaug The Dragon

Posted by Ben Huber on Dec 14, 2014 in Cinema


No, Colbert doesn’t interview Cumberbatch directly. He doesn’t interview a puppet, either. No, he’s interviewing the real live Samug. Er, well, as real as CGI is, anyway. Yes, they animated an entire sequence in which Stephen Colbert interviews Samug (who appropriately busts through the set), and he’s voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch. You may know Colbert is a huge Tolkien fan, so this is probably an interview he put a lot of work into. They discuss making the movie, recent news topics, and even throw a Sherlock joke in there. It’s all very cute. Colbert seems to be ratcheting up the impressive guest list, first with the President and now with Samug. Who’s next? Read more…

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A Stephen Colbert Tutorial: How to Troll

Posted by Gia Manry on Aug 6, 2010 in Television

Stephen Colbert Trolls Conservative Pundit

If you’re a fanperson, you’ve probably hung out on geeky forums, and as such you either are, have been, or have dealt with…the troll. For those unaware of the nomenclature, the troll is the user who starts or continues a fight intentionally, often by espousing a position they may or may not actually subscribe to in reality. Trolls can come in all shapes and sizes, but rarely does one see a troll out in the open, away from the safe confines of Internet anonymity.

And then…there’s Stephen Colbert. Read more…



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