Sony and MRC Team Up For Dark Tower Movie and TV Series

Posted by Ben Huber on Apr 12, 2015 in Cinema


Stephen King’s novel series The Dark Tower has been floating around in the adaptation sphere for a while, first at Universal, then Warner Bros. At one point Ron Howard was producing! It was conceived as an elaborate multi-film plan with a TV series season filling in between each movie. Now, the license has been passed on to Sony, who is fast-tracking the movie along with Media Rights Capital who is going to build a TV series companion. Sony & MRC still seem to desire a huge franchise, but are starting small (comparatively!) with one movie and one TV show first. Akiva Goldman and Jeff Pinkner are still writing, but have updated the¬†script since last time it was shopped around, focusing mainly on the first book and the characters of Roland and Jake. Sony will soon begin courting directors for the project and then begin casting anew, which will start the wonderful rumor cycle back up again. Read more…

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Ron Howard Announces His Crazy Plans for the Dark Tower Adaptation

Posted by Michael Sacco on Sep 14, 2010 in Cinema, Television

Dark Tower

We’ve heard for a while that Stephen King’s Dark Tower book series stands to be adapted into some kind of moving-picture media format, but it’s been up in the air in terms of the who and the how. Ron Howard, who’s now helming the project, recently told Deadline what he has in mind, and it’s a little crazy: a series that will span three movies and two seasons of a television show, using the same sets and actors. That’s right. He wants to begin the story with a film, then air a season of the television show immediately afterward, then release another film, then air another season of the show, then cap off the entire thing with another film. ¬†Howard hopes that reusing sets and actors between the media formats will help save money; beyond costs, he says that the movies can provide really epic moments while the television show would allow character and story nuances to shine through. If he can get the project off the ground, along with screenwriter Akiva Goldsman, it might just be the Next Big Thing. Read more…

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