Fight A Near-Naked Guy In Killer Is Dead

Posted by Bob Muir on Jun 25, 2013 in Videogames

Killer Is Dead

I never got to play a Suda51 game before, so I’ve been checking out Killer7, and it’s delightfully bizarre. Later this summer, Killer Is Dead, the third game in the unique director’s loose “assassin” trilogy, will release, and unlike what I’ve seen of Suda51’s last few games, it’s just as crazy. Supposedly it’s drawing inspiration from James Bond, what Suda51 calls a “Dark Side 007,” but all I see is a guy with a robot arm slicing up robots and then fighting a near-naked dude. The action is stylish and looks fun, so I can’t wait to see this come out on August 27 in the US! Read more…



Watch The English Trailer For Killer Is Dead And Be Confused

Posted by Bob Muir on Mar 19, 2013 in Videogames

Killer Is Dead

When you play a game by Suda51, you know you’re getting something weird and crazy. So it’s no surprise that his next game, Killer Is Dead, looks like a cel-shaded fantasy nightmare. The trailer has been around since January, but now we’re seeing what it’s like with the official English voices. It’s like you can understand what they’re saying! Read more…

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