Trailer For ‘The Evil Within’ Basically Spells Out Why You Should Care

Posted by Bob Muir on Sep 30, 2014 in Videogames

The Evil Within

I love this new trailer for The Evil Within, Bethesda’s new horror game from Shinji Mikami, the man behind Resident Evil and Resident Evil 4, among other critically-acclaimed games. It reads like an old-style ad, with a straight-laced narrator extolling the virtues of a product instead of visually selling the experience. Not that the visuals don’t command your attention, especially those elements that seem to call back to Shinji Mikami’s past games. (There’s a spooky house like RE1, a chainsaw enemy like RE4, a body-burning mechanic like the RE Gamecube remake, etc.) The trailer makes The Evil Within look rather action-oriented at parts, so hopefully the game spans the whole range of horror and doesn’t just become a horror-skinned shooter that happens to have limited ammo. The game releases on October 14, just in time for Halloween. Read more…

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Pick The Alternate Cover For The Evil Within

Posted by Bob Muir on Jul 31, 2014 in Videogames

The Evil Within

Modern videogame covers are always hampered by tons of logos, ratings, and various other text designed to help you buy a product. But for collectors who want a nice-looking product with a bit of thought behind it, the cover is a wasted opportunity. So I’m liking this recent trend of alternate box art printed on the reverse of the regular cover; more games should have this small bonus. Bethesda has a poll up right now to pick an alternate cover for The Evil Within. “Asylum” (pictured above) is currently winning, but I think “Piercing Eye” looks striking as well. Consider giving it a vote? Read more…

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