Seth MacFarlane Meets the Flintstones

Posted by Tim Sheehy on May 17, 2011 in Animation

The Flintstones

Today, 20th Century Fox unveiled their plans for a 21st century reboot the Hannah-Barbara classic, The Flintstones to by co-produced by Warner Brothers Television. Overseeing the production will be none other than Family Guy‘s Seth MacFarlane. However, unlike MacFarlane’s raunchier block of animated programming, the show will probably be a tad more family-oriented. Furthermore, while the production might start later this fall, the show itself may not even air until 2013.  It’ll be quite the wait, but considering the amount of red tape likely surrounding a series as old as The Flintstones, and MacFarlane’s target demographic,  it’s surprising the project even got the green light in the first place. Whether or not the show will be any good definitely remains to be seen.

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The Flintstones Meet Crudely Anime Styled Aliens

Posted by Michael Pinto on Dec 1, 2008 in Animation

What’s so odd about this Japanese commercial from 1984 is that it features the Flintstones meeting space aliens who have a vague anime feeling to them. What’s also strange about this advert is for the Lake Hotel is that the animation breaks away from the limited flat look of the original series in several shots — it’s very weird to see Fred Flintstone walk toward the camera.

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