Kickstart The Goon Film with David Fincher, Eric Powell, and BLUR Studios

Posted by Ben Huber on Oct 13, 2012 in Cinema, Fandom


You may remember that awesome proof-of-concept trailer for The Goon way back at Comic-con 2010. If you were like me, you got excited about seeing such a cool comic coming alive on the big screen – but nothing ever materialized. The movie never got the funding it needed and was dropped. However, David Fincher, Eric Powell, and the gang at BLUR Studios really want to make this film. So they’re running a Kickstarter to finance the full-length story reel – aka, the rough edit of the storyboards. It’ll have music, sound effects, and the like, but be aware it’s not “making” the CGI film you’re supporting. Will that make Hollywood take another look at The Goon? I’m not sure, but you have to admire the sheer willpower of the creators! Read more…

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