Here’s A New Jupiter Ascending Trailer

Posted by Ben Huber on Sep 26, 2014 in Cinema


It might be hard for the Wachowskis to strike gold again, but they sure are trying. Jupiter Ascending has a new trailer out, and it looks deliciously sci-fi — drenched in fantastic visuals and over-the-top creations. I’m positive it won’t be for everyone. It might not even be that good, story-wise… but I think at the very least it’ll be impressive visually and stylistically. In addition, the new poster evokes an 80s sci-fi novel cover. It’s kind of endearing, although it could be too cheesy for some. Jupiter Ascending is showing up on February 6th. I wonder if its style will grab people’s attention? Check out the trailer and poster below. Read more…

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Full-Length Trailer For Jupiter Ascending Is Just…Wow

Posted by Bob Muir on Mar 27, 2014 in Cinema

Jupiter Ascending

As much as I love realistic sci-fi or gritty sci-fi or hard sci-fi, I can’t deny that I’m growing a little tired of it. One reason the original Star Wars trilogy always resonated with me was because it wasn’t quite science fiction, but more science fantasy. Now that I’m older and don’t feel as insecure about whether or not my entertainment choices are “legitimate” enough for non-geeks, I’ve started hungering for sci-fi with pulp sensibilities, or sci-fi that’s just plain weird. I want to see more sci-fi where no one worries about whether or not the alien kingdoms or advanced technology could plausibly exist in real life if we only had some unobtanium. So I’m really liking that Hollywood is putting out more sci-fi that’s “out there”; off the top of my head, this summer offers both Guardians of the Galaxy (which is also a superhero movie) and Jupiter Ascending. And while either film could be a mess, just watch the first full-length trailer for the latest from the Wachowskis and tell me that doesn’t look like a grand adventure. We’ve had enough grim sci-fi like Elysium recently (putting aside the fact that it was a horrible movie and disappointed compared to District 9) — let’s have something really wild and fun. Read more…

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Rumor Party: New Matrix Trilogy In The Works?

Posted by Ben Huber on Mar 2, 2014 in Cinema


The Latino Review puts out lots of “scoops” all the time, and mostly they’re reliable — but they’ve still got a bit of a reputation for sharing “crazy” news. That said, this one sounds believable to me… if only because I know movie studios aren’t able to make original films anymore and rely on remaking or creating sequels to existing properties. That brings up to this story: Latino Review is reporting that the Wachowskis have been working on story treatments for a new Matrix trilogy. The rumor says it’s possible it could be about the birth of the Matrix, which could be ripe for exploration but wouldn’t have a particularly happy ending. I’m not sure if I want more Matrix, and I was under the assumption that the Wachowskis were going to be pushing for Jupiter Rising to be a trilogy… but who knows what could end up happening. Read more…

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Cloud Atlas Trailer Brings Us Back the Wachowskis

Posted by Ben Huber on Jul 28, 2012 in Cinema

If you’ve been wondering what the Matrix creators have been up to since Speed Racer, here’s your answer: Cloud Atlas. Based on the novel of the same name, the Wachowskis are partnering with director Tom Tykwer to adapt the story for film. It looks to be mighty impressive in scope and scale, and this trailer reflects that, clocking in at 5 minutes and 42 seconds. I’m really interested to see how this project turns out, so once October 26th rolls around, I’ll have to hunt down a theater to see this at!

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