Hugh Jackman Says He’ll Play Wolverine “One Last Time”

Posted by Ben Huber on Mar 30, 2015 in Cinema, Comic Books


Hugh Jackman has started up the rumor mill — through his own Instagram account, no less. He recently posted an image of his hands and the Wolverine claws with the caption “WOLVERINE… ONE LAST TIME.” Would X-Men: Apocalypse be the last film he’ll play Wolverine in? He hasn’t even been confirmed for it and was assumed to not be in it. Instead, it’s most likely the upcoming The Wolverine film that Fox has slated for 2017 that he’s referring to. Still, would he stop being Wolverine? He said as recently as February that “I said to my wife, ‘The moral is that I should never stop playing Wolverine. I’ve got to find a way to keep playing him until I die.’ I know that someday they’ll recast the role with another actor… I’d be happy if the role was eventually recast. It would mean that it had become iconic.” Maybe… he’s just just making a play while negotiating his contract? Or perhaps he changed his mind and is finally finished. Read more…

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First Trailer For The Wolverine Takes Us To Japan

Posted by Bob Muir on Mar 28, 2013 in Cinema, Comic Books

The Wolverine

I feel like this movie has been in production forever, but here it finally is, the first trailer for The Wolverine, the new Logan-centric X-Men movie that will hopefully make people forget about X-Men Origins: Wolverine back in 2009. It seems Wolverine is now mortal (whatever that means), but he’s still capable of slicing up ninjas and the Silver Samurai. Does this make up for the bad X-Men films, or are people still putting their hopes on X-Men: First Class follow-up X-Men: Days of Future Past? Read more…

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New The Wolverine Poster Features Motion and Rain

Posted by Ben Huber on Dec 14, 2012 in Cinema, Comic Books


I guess using Flash to create moving posters is a new and hip thing right now for the movie industry, eh? The Wolverine is the next film starring Hugh Jackman as the adamantium-boned mutant, directed by James Mangold, who previously helmed such films as 3:10 to Yuma and Walk the Line. The story will feature Wolvie in modern-day Japan, and I’m sure he will encounter plenty of ninja and samurai. He’s even wielding a katana himself, as is no surprise – when in Rome, and all that. The motion poster here has Wolverine brooding over a Japanese cityscape while rain pours down. I’d make some joke about him needing an umbrella or warning him he could catch a cold, but we both know that would end painfully for the both of us. Watch the poster below! Never thought I’d say that, huh? Read more…



The Wolverine Is Now Directorless

Posted by Michael Sacco on Mar 18, 2011 in Cinema, Comic Books

Darren Aronofsky

Director Darren Aronofsky is known for great award-season films like The Wrestler and Black Swan (and The Fountain if you like genre stuff), but he was also attached to a rather unorthodox project: a Wolverine reboot called, well, The Wolverine. At least until now, anyway. Citing the fact that the film’s schedule would keep him out of the country and away from his family for over a year, he decided to call it quits from the project. Fox insists they’re going to move forward with the project, though without Aronofsky the prospect of another Wolverine movie just doesn’t sound that great, if it ever did. Read more…

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