Thunderbirds Are Nihon-Go!

Posted by Michael Sacco on Aug 13, 2011 in Television

Thunderbirds Lab

Sometimes by boss sends me links via email with a request to feature them on the site. Normally they’re self-explanatory — here’s a cool Star Wars case mod someone made, or here’s a neat artist — but sometimes they’re mystifying even to me. Take the Thunderbirds Lab, for example. It’s a website for a pharmaceutical group that lets you take some Thunderbirds-inspired tests, play a game or two, and create a neat custom Thunderbirds badge for yourself. Of course, it’s also nearly 100% in Japanese, which made the process a little more difficult for me, admittedly. But if you speak Japanese, you’ll be in puppet heaven, and you may be able to fumble your way through (as I did) even if you don’t. Thunderbirds are go! Read more…



Supermarionation Sugar Smacks from the Sixties

Posted by Michael Pinto on Feb 25, 2010 in Animation

Captain Scarlet Sugar SmacksShown here are three English adverts for Captain Scarlet and Thunderbirds themed Kellogg’s Sugar Smacks from the 60s. For me this represents a bit of double lost golden age: For starters this Gerry Anderson Supermarionation shows from the 60s had such a wonderful attention to detail that you just don’t see anywhere — and of course in our politically correct obesity obsessed society you’d never even dream of a breakfast cereal with the name “sugar” in the title being tied to a kids television show! By the way I love how the Thunderbirds cereal included those special collectors pins: Read more…

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Japanese Thunderbirds Miniatures: Toy Fair 2010

Posted by Michael Pinto on Feb 15, 2010 in Hobbies and Collections

Japanese Thunderbirds Miniature Models

The Japanese are crazy about the Gerry Anderson show Thunderbirds. This line of minitaures is imported into the United States by and I’ve got to say that the quality and beauty of these were amazing.

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