Higurashi May Be Refreshed For Steam

Posted by Bob Muir on Sep 24, 2013 in Videogames

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

While we’re all pondering what else Valve has in store for us, let’s look at an indie game series that has been approved for Steam via its Greenlight service. Higurashi: When They Cry (a.k.a. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni) is a visual novel series that has been sold through English publisher MangaGamer’s website. But with a Steam release approved and in the works, the company is considering updating the product. Being on Steam means much more visibility and higher sales, so it may be possible that Higurashi will receive a new translation. A translator says that they still need to look at their schedule to see if it’s doable, but it’s something they’d like to do. Read more…

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What’s It Like to Work at a Japanese Interactive Fiction Studio?

Posted by Michael Pinto on Apr 22, 2009 in Videogames

Interactive fiction does quite well in Japan and one the more successful studios is Key which has created Kanon, Air and Clannad — all of which have made the transition from games into anime series. Shown here is a behind the scenes tour of their studio, what’s really cool is that each workstation is surrounded by various otaku goodies. Currently the next game coming out from Key will be Rewrite: Read more…

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