What Happens When You Mix Vocaloid with Hello Kitty?

Posted by Michael Pinto on Dec 7, 2010 in Animation, Hobbies and Collections

Vocaloid2 Hello Kitty Illustration

April 12th next year there will be a special Vocaloid2 Hello Kitty themed event at the Japanese fashion shop Marui Shinjuku which will be called VOCALOID2 ABC Cat Village. What’s cool about this project is that it looks like there is all sorts of related merchandise including a figurine and of course a special kitty themed software release. Read more…

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Good Smile Serves Up Some Black Rock Curry

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Aug 19, 2010 in Animation, Hobbies and Collections


As far as Hatsune Miku and Vocaloid goes, Black Rock Shooter is still the craze in Japan. The popular franchise has been churning out everything from cosplay and figures, to a series of OVAs. No doubt as a result of their fortune, Good Smile Company has recently announced plans to open a cafe in Chiba. To celebrate the opening, they’ll be featuring a special Black Rock Shooter theme. Customers who attend will be receiving a Black Rock Shooter DVD, food mat, and tea coaster. The menu will also feature a special Black Rock Curry, which looks kind of scary but probably tastes amazing. To be honest, I’m just curious what they’ll be putting in it to make it so dark. For more details, and images, check out Danny Choo’s recent blog here. Read more…

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Vocaloid Android Creeps Me Out!

Posted by Michael Pinto on Oct 10, 2009 in Tech

This is video footage from the CEATEC conference in Japan which ends today: The show has a focus on cutting edge digital and electronics work. Shown above is a very eerie looking cosplay attired robot which uses Vocaloid software. What’s odd about this robot is that she blinks her eyes; In fact when I first looked at this video below it took me a bit to figure out (out of context of course) that I wasn’t looking at an actual human doing cosplay at an anime con: Read more…

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Miku Hatsune: Live in Concert!

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jun 27, 2009 in Hobbies and Collections

figma Miku Hatsune Live Stage Version

This limited edition figma Miku Hatsune Live Stage Version will be released at The Wonder Festival on July 26th in Japan. Not only does the virtual idol have a keyboard but you can also pose her with a petty nifty looking speaker system as well: Read more…

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Project DIVA: Vocaloid Miku Hatsune Lands Her Own Videogame

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jun 11, 2009 in Videogames

I’ve been following the fame of Vocaloid software mascot Miku Hatsune via the dozens of fan videos from Japan for some time now, so it’s cool to see that Sega will be featuring her in an upcoming Sony PSP game. What’s great about the trailer above is that it almost reminds one of a classic old school MGM musical from back in the day, it’s my bet that after this game comes out that it’s only a matter of time until she stars in her own anime series (although she’s made some cameos so far). Read more…

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Miku Hatsune Figurine

Posted by Michael Pinto on Dec 28, 2007 in Hobbies and Collections

Hatsune Miku Figurine

I found this ever soooo cute Hatsune Miku figurine at Amazon.co.jp. For those not in the know she’s the character featured in all of those Vocaloid videos that you keep seeing on YouTube.

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Miku Hatsune Destroys Tokyo

Posted by Michael Pinto on Oct 6, 2007 in Fandom

At first I thought the use of VOCALOID2 (an anime themed voice synthesizer software) to make videos on YouTube was just some sort overnight fad I could ignore, but much to my shock the voice of Hatsune Miku the cute robot girl keeps popping up in my browser. My official fanboy.com prediction is that at the rate things are going we’ll see a Hatsune Miku anime show, manga and video game within a year.

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