Universal Plans To Reboot The Wolf Man Again

Posted by Bob Muir on Nov 13, 2014 in Cinema, Horror

Wolf Man

Universal is taking a page from the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the Universal Monster Universe, a reboot of their classic horror films all set in the same universe. Dracula Untold is sort of the unofficial start, with The Mummy┬áreboot to be the actual start in 2016. But one and a half films does not a universe make. Are they making more? If you read the headline, then yes, Universal wants a new Wolf Man movie, perhaps to make people forget about The Wolfman from 2010. And they have already arranged for Prisoners writer Aaron Guzikowski to write it, so things are moving. Hopefully they can make future films better than Dracula Untold, though — the reason the MCU took off was because the movies were good or great, in addition to being part of a bigger story. Read more…

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Can Universal Reinvent The Wolfman?

Posted by Michael Pinto on Nov 29, 2009 in Horror

This featurette is a behind the scenes look at how Universal is trying to go back to their great horror films from the past to bring revive The Wolfman. While it looks like they have some darn good actors and some great special effects, I’m still not sure modern audiences can still be scared by these classic creatures. We’ll have to wait and see in 2010 to see if Universal can pull this off…

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