Amazon Studios Puts 14 Pilots Online

Posted by Ben Huber on Apr 21, 2013 in Television


It looks like even Amazon isn’t sure what show they want to make into a full series, because they’re leaving it up to viewers online! Amazon Studios has put up the first 14 TV series pilots on their site for your perusal. Most notable will probably be the Zombieland TV series, as well as a series based on The Onion. Let’s just say though… this Zombieland series looks pretty poor. Given the rush this was made on though, it’s not particularly surprising. Hopefully there will be one or two standout series in the pile of 14 – I haven’t dug into them yet. Check out the full list here. Read more…

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Zombieland TV Show Rises From the Dead?

Posted by Ben Huber on Jan 21, 2013 in Television


Zombieland has had a long and storied past. Initially it was going to be a TV show, but when stations passed on it due to “zombies not being ‘in’ right now” it was turned into a film. Then, the zombie fad began, and the movie arrived at the perfect time, riding the wave of popularity. So what do you do now? Grab those old Zombieland TV show scripts, rough them up a bit, throw in a few references to Twitter, and you’ve got yourself a hit series. Maybe. Casting calls have gone out, so possibly, we may see different actors in the character’s roles, which might throw people off. i09 has several more details about the casting call, but in my opinion, we don’t need to revisit our friends in Zombieland anytime soon. Read more…

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