Yamato Pachinko Machine Features First-Rate CGI Animation

Posted by Michael Pinto on Feb 22, 2009 in Animation, Hobbies and Collections |

When I first came across this commercial my first thoughts were “this has got to be an upcoming CGI Star Blazers movie that I’ve been waiting for my entire life!” But then I noticed at the end of the advert that there seemed to be some sort of box — I figured then that it had to be some sort of amazing videogame:

Space Battleship Yamato Pachinko

Well after a minuter or two of googling the subject it turns out that this amazing animation is for a new Space Battleship Yamato Pachinko machine! By you’ve got to check out the website — it’s all in Japanese but the interface with make any old school Star Blazers fan weep with joy:

Space Battleship Yamato Pachinko website

The Pachinko is being released by a company called Fuji who also has games based on Mighty Mouse and Jurassic Park:

Jurassic Park Pachinko

Might Mouse Pachinko

By the way it should be noted that after doing a bit of research I found out that this is the second pachinko game based on Yamato — here’s footage of the first game which looks pretty amazing even if it lacks the cool 3D animation:

In fact here’s a commercial for the first game, what’s interesting in this avert is the use of the cosplay actress:

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