Star Wars The Clone Wars Videogame: Fanboy Meh?

Posted by Michael Pinto on May 12, 2009 in Star Wars, Videogames |

It’s ironic that just as Paramount is rebooting the Star Trek franchise with some high quality content that Lucas is starting the run the Star Wars franchise into the ground. A good example of this is this teaser trailer for the videogame which will be based on the the animated cartoon Star Wars: The Clone Wars. You now have an entire game based upon a side story, granted it’s not as bad as the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special, but it’s getting closer all the time.

The game is due out in September, but I don’t know of any fanboy that’s looking ahead to it. Either Lucas has to come up with the final three Star Wars films which part of me hopes isn’t he case or I’d love to see him try something new for a change.

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