Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Final Season

Posted by Bob Muir on Feb 25, 2014 in Star Wars, Television

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

I’m aware that Star Wars: The Clone Wars is set between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, so it’s unavoidably tied to the prequels. But as this trailer for the sixth and final season shows, it’s clearly one of the best thing to come out of those movies, almost the point where I wish we could just forget the movies happened completely. Fans are lucky that this final season is coming out on March 7 on Netflix (along with all the previous episodes), but until then, this really cool trailer will have to tide them over. It seems that Star Wars: Rebels is going to have some giant shoes to fill. Read more…

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Last Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season Will Arrive on Netflix

Posted by Ben Huber on Feb 14, 2014 in Star Wars, Television


After the abrupt cancellation of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, fans wondered what would happen to the final season that never surfaced. Thankfully, Disney’s newfound love for Netflix will make it happen: the final season will debut on March 7th exclusively on Netflix. Not only that, the feature film and all previous seasons will be added to Netflix’s back catalog, along with director’s cut versions of some episodes. I suppose if you haven’t caught the series so far, now’s a great time to catch up and binge-watch everything. Not too bad, Netflix! Read more…



The Clone Wars Will Never End

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Jun 12, 2012 in Star Wars, Television

Here’s the trailer for the upcoming season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars! Five seasons in, and I’m astonished that Star Wars: The Clone Wars remains on the air. Not because it’s a terrible series, but simply because I had so little faith in it to begin with. I must admit that I’ve never really given it a chance — especially since  its clearly geared towards a younger audience. Its fans are a dedicated bunch, not all of which are kids, and the very fact that its lasted this long seems to imply that I must have overlooked something. I’d venture that I owe it to myself, and to everyone else out there, to at least give it a try, starting with this trailer right here. Likewise, if you’ve seen the series and think its worth everyone’s time, please let us know.



Protect the Republic, One Brick at a Time

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Feb 23, 2011 in Star Wars, Videogames

Lego Star Wars III

I don’t know why I thought Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga would be the last in the series of Star Wars and Lego crossovers. Maybe I just thought Lego was planning on sticking with film franchises they knew they’d be able to cash in on — Indiana Jones, and Harry Potter for example. Turns out I was wrong. Today marked the release of the official demo for the latest title in the series, Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars. As you’ve probably guessed, the plot of the game will follow the Cartoon Network animated series with a number of cameos from both the show and original films.

Read more…

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A Look at Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Aug 11, 2010 in Star Wars, Videogames

I, for one, never really cared for Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The art aesthetic never really spoke to me, and I suppose I can understand why — it was being marketed to kids after all. To me, trying to sit through an episode is like having to experience Jar Jar, or the Ewoks, for extended period of time. My personal tastes aside, the series certainly has its fair share of fans, both young and old. Given the current climate of social networking and the subsequent move toward casual gaming, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to cash in. Read more…

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Star Wars The Clone Wars Videogame: Fanboy Meh?

Posted by Michael Pinto on May 12, 2009 in Star Wars, Videogames

It’s ironic that just as Paramount is rebooting the Star Trek franchise with some high quality content that Lucas is starting the run the Star Wars franchise into the ground. A good example of this is this teaser trailer for the videogame which will be based on the the animated cartoon Star Wars: The Clone Wars. You now have an entire game based upon a side story, granted it’s not as bad as the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special, but it’s getting closer all the time. Read more…

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