The Wrong Box: A Classic Cinematic Comedy from 1966

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The Wrong Box: poster from the film

Michael can, Peter sells it, Dudley’s more and Peter cooks; in short Wrong can do no wrong. Cut to the chase: The Wrong Box is one of the funniest movies ever made, period (wait, make that an em dash) — Some Like It Hot funny, Blazing Saddles funny, Airplane! funny — and it’s not on DVD (at least not legally). Fortunately, as I discovered over the weekend, you can catch it on the planetary repository of audio-visual material known as ‘YouTube’ in delicious ten-minute chunks:

In the 1966 Victorian comedy, two elderly brothers (irascible John Mills and unbelievably boring Ralph Richardson) are the last surviving members of a ‘tontine.’ Michael Caine (in a magnificent deadpan performance) is Mills’ dim-witted adopted son, prissy Peter Cooke and randy Dudley Moore (a Mutt-and-Jeff pair to rival Bialystock & Bloom or Laurel & Hardy) are Richardson’s scheming adopted cousins and Peter Sellers, as the dissolute Dr. Pratt delivers a gem of a cameo.

The Wrong Box: Scene from the 1966 film

Impeccable timing, direction (courtesy of Bryan Forbes), performances and a script by Larry Gelbart and Burt Shevelove from a Robert Louis Stevenson story make gags I know by heart perpetually funny; quoting or describing them wouldn’t begin to do them justice. (Okay just one; Cook: “Doctor, I’m looking for a death certificate [to fake his uncle’s death].” Sellers, in a shaky voice: “Aren’t we all?”) Just give the first segment a chance and I guarantee you’ll be sitting in front of your PC for the next 105 minutes, laughing your arse off.

The Wrong Box: Scene from the 1966 film

Below: A set of posters from the film.

The Wrong Box: poster set from the film

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