The Ex-Men: Maybe They Aren’t So Great

Posted by Ben Huber on Oct 25, 2013 in Comic Books


Some superpowers are really silly. We all joke about Ant-Man or Squirrel Girl, but in the end, we like those heroes because of their character, not necessarily their superpowers. But what if you saw someone hating on a popular superhero’s powers. Like say, Wolverine. I’m sure you could come up with some ways to make fun of even fan favorites, like Gambit! Well, that’s exactly what the Pete Holmes Show is doing, with their Ex-Men series. I feel like Holmes is trying to own the “geek humor” market. At least he seems to have a genuine appreciation for the original works! Watch the clips below. Read more…

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Pete Holmes and Batman vs. Superman

Posted by Ben Huber on Oct 20, 2013 in Fandom


Is Batman really that great of a superhero? Or is he better than Superman? Sure he might not have any special powers, but at least he’s not wearing his underwear on the outside, right? Well, Zack Snyder ditched those anyway, so no worries! Anyway, Pete Holmes’ Batman is a little bit of a jerk. Ok, maybe he’s a really big jerk. His Batman parody videos are the only ones I’ve really enjoyed,  but maybe it’s just the dumb voice and lip movements he does. If you want to see how “Badman” behaves when he meets the Man of Steel, just click through. Read more…

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Game of Thrones – Seinfeld Version

Posted by Ben Huber on Nov 24, 2012 in Television


For everything on the internet, there is a parody version. I’m pretty sure this is basically law now, so I suppose there is no surprise in the title: a Game of Thrones parody of Seinfeld. This might be offensive to some of you, given that the sitcom is the “lowest form of television,” and it’s being combined with some of the best. But joking aside, if you ever wanted to see how Game of Thrones would fare with a laugh track, now you know. Strangely, it feels more like I stepped into an alternate universe rather than a simple edit. Read more…

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Arrested Development Not So Arrested

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Oct 3, 2011 in Cinema, Television

Arrested Development Star Wars

Okay, this is a bit of exciting news and I really could help but write about it, but it looks as though — wait for it Arrested Development will be returning for a fourth season! Okay, well, maybe not a entire season, but at least nine or ten new episodes that will serve as a lead-in for the upcoming feature film. The announcement came from series creator Mitch Hurwitz during a recent cast reunion. No word on when the episodes will start full production, or where they’ll end up, but there’s some reports that both Netflix and Showtime have shown interest.

Read more…

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Ten Geeky Improv Everywhere Missions

Posted by Gia Manry on Jul 21, 2010 in Fandom

Improv Everywhere: They Cause (Geeky) Scenes

Geeky Humor!Improv Everywhere is a group located in New York City that puts together flash mobs and other public improv events (or “missions”) conducted by volunteers (“agents”). Some of these missions are more infamous than others– the Slo-Mo Home Depot mission, for example –but quite a few of them are astonishingly geeky. Here are the ten best, organized by geek type. Read more…



All Hail Sid Caesar: Conquering Hero Comedy of Television Comedy

Posted by Michael Pinto on Sep 8, 2009 in Television

Sid Caesar

I come not to bury Caesar but to praise him, because he’s still very much alive! Today legendary comedian, actor and all about television genius Sid Caesar will celebrate his 87th birthday today. Isaac Sidney “Sid” Caesar started life intent on a musical career and audited classes at the famous Juilliard School in New York City. His early music gig were in the Catskills where on the side he tried his hand at comedy before joining the Coast Guard in 1939. During the war that followed he was assigned to play in military revues, where in between sets he would do comedy numbers that started to outshine his musical skills. Read more…

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The Wrong Box: A Classic Cinematic Comedy from 1966

Posted by Joe Strike on Jun 1, 2009 in Cinema

The Wrong Box: poster from the film

Michael can, Peter sells it, Dudley’s more and Peter cooks; in short Wrong can do no wrong. Cut to the chase: The Wrong Box is one of the funniest movies ever made, period (wait, make that an em dash) — Some Like It Hot funny, Blazing Saddles funny, Airplane! funny — and it’s not on DVD (at least not legally). Fortunately, as I discovered over the weekend, you can catch it on the planetary repository of audio-visual material known as ‘YouTube’ in delicious ten-minute chunks: Read more…

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