Ten Geeky Improv Everywhere Missions

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Improv Everywhere: They Cause (Geeky) Scenes

Geeky Humor!Improv Everywhere is a group located in New York City that puts together flash mobs and other public improv events (or “missions”) conducted by volunteers (“agents”). Some of these missions are more infamous than others– the Slo-Mo Home Depot mission, for example –but quite a few of them are astonishingly geeky. Here are the ten best, organized by geek type.

Gadget Geek

The Cell Phone Symphony

Have you ever been in a store that did a bag check? Have you ever noticed one of those bags “ringing” because someone left their phone inside? Have you ever then wondered what would happen if they all went off at once? Yeah.

Mobile Desktop

Oh, sure, you could take your laptop to an Internet cafe. You can take your netbook. You can take your wifi-enabled cell phone. But what if you really just want to have your full desktop computer at your disposal while you drink $4-a-cup coffee?

Sports Geek

Best Game Ever

Baseball is my favorite sport to watch, in large part because the only interest parts take up mere seconds and the rest of the time you can babble with friends and eat delicious unhealthy foods (a San Francisco native, that means garlic fries for me!). Little League lacks garlic fries but that doesn’t mean it can’t lack some of that excitement…maybe even more than the Majors, even.

Where’s Rob?

Speaking of baseball, Knicks fans are pretty nice. I’m pretty sure that fans at the SF Giants stadium would let poor Rob here find his own way back to his seat. (Kidding!)

Synchronized Swimming

Well, I had to put in a sport that wasn’t baseball. But seriously, can you imagine how much prep work this took? Well, yes, you can because they talk about it in the video. But it’s awesome. And that fountain looks like it might have been pretty cold.

Theatre Geek

Musicals are a staple of the Improv Everywhere diet, so rather than write up each of these individually, I’ll let them speak for themselves. I selected these three because they are all food-related.

Food Court Musical

Grocery Store Musical

I Love Lunch! The Musical

Cinema Geek

The Amazing Stuntmen

There’s no video for this particular mission, so you’ll have to click the above link to read the description and see the pictures, but a pair of Improv Everywhere agents took it upon themselves to take on some of the most difficult stunts ever in Hollywood, except in New York City. Like sitting too close to the TV.

Dananananananana STUNT MEN

Who You Gonna Call

This list isn’t numbered, but if it was, this would be #1. Because who doesn’t want to do this?

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