Turkey Themed Comic Books: A Gallery of Gobblers

Posted by Michael Pinto on Nov 26, 2009 in Comic Books |

Superboy #36

Happy Thanksgiving from Fanboy.com! To celebrate we’ve put together a gallery of turkey themed comic books for your entertainment. The one thing you’ll notice is that most of the holiday humor is aimed at younger comic book readers — an audience that both Marvel and DC are rediscovering once again. Shown above is the cover from Superboy #36 which was published in 1954 — the pencils are by Curt Swan and the inks are by Stan Kaye.

Funnies #3

The Funnies #3: I believe this is the 1929 publication which was a short lived newspaper insert which was also sold on newsstands (a later publication with the same name was published by Dell in 1936).

Comic Cavalcade #18

Comic Cavalcade #18 published in 1947 and featured Wonder Woman, Flash and Green Lantern on the cover — illustration by Everett E. Hibbard.

Jumbo Comics #4

Jumbo Comics #4 published in 1938 — the illustrator of the cover is unknown, well drawn except for the one racist caricature (which sadly was common even after that era).

Ace Comics #33

Ace Comics #33 published in 1939 and illustrated by Joe Musial: This cover featured a character from the then popular series The Katzenjammer Kids which ran from 1912 until 1949.

Walt Disney's Comics #303

Walt Disney’s Comics #303 published in 1965.

Famous Funnies #148

Famous Funnies #148 published in 1948.

New Funnies #70

New Funnies #70 published in 1942 by Dell.

Fix und Foxi #458

Fix und Foxi #458 a German comic book published in 1964. To be fair that might be a chicken…

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