Want to Be the Next Pirate King? You’ll Need a Pair of These First

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Jun 19, 2010 in Animation, Fandom |

One Piece Jeans 1

It’s so rare for me to come across wearable Otaku-oriented clothing. I use the term wearable in that I’ve seen more than my fair share of lounge shirts plastered with gaudy designs — be it the choice of the color or the anime inspired prints themselves. These jeans, however, are hardly an eye-sore. With the words of Monkey D. Luffy gracing your rear-end, you too can aspire to rule the high seas and collect the ultimate treasure — that is, if you can manage to fit in them.

Being that they’re made in Japan, the sizes available are fairly limited, so we’re talking short and thin only — everyone else need not apply. After that hurdle, you need to figure out how you’re going to order a pair from Cospa, as I’m not even sure they ship internationally. If, on the other hand, you know someone, then these bad boys could be yours for roughly $220, and if One Piece isn’t your thing, you can always settle for their Evangelion-inspired counterpart.

One Piece Jeans 2

One Piece Jeans 3

One Piece Jeans 4

One Piece Jeans 5

One Piece Jeans 6

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