Leonard Nimoy Returns to Cybertron

Posted by Michael Sacco on Apr 1, 2011 in Cinema |

Leonard Nimoy

Okay, so Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen wasn’t very good. Even Michael Bay, the film’s own director, thinks so. He’s promised that the third film in the Transformers series, The Dark of the Moon, will be heaps better, and he appears to be following through on that promise by adding the one thing sure to draw nerds to a film: the venerable Leonard Nimoy. Nimoy will be lending his voice to the pre-Optimus leader of the Autobots, Sentinel Prime, whose remains are discovered on the moon in the film. This isn’t Nimoy’s first foray into the Transformers universe, either; diligent fans will recall that he was the voice of Galvatron in the Transformers movie of old.

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