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As any fanboy can tell you, it’s always fun to speculate about the future of our favorite franchises. Today, I’ve decided to take a look at Marvel’s — specifically The Avengers. I’m sure some of you are probably wondering why I’d even bother when they haven’t even released the first film. That’s true, they haven’t. On the other hand, Marvel’s shown that they often plan their films well in advance. This is fairly evident when you look at 2008’s Iron Man, and The Incredible Hulk. Obviously we wouldn’t be able to nail down a plot for the film — that much will remain up in the air. Instead I wonder if we’ll be seeing any cameos from the Marvel’s universe. With an estimated budget of $150,000,000, there’s a chance we’ll get one. Here’s a quick list of candidates we’d like to see.

Ben Affleck as Daredevil? Unlikely. I’m sure Marvel would like to forget that performance as much as Affleck would. While I personally didn’t mind it, fans and reviewers alike were pretty out-spoken. On top of that, Daredevil (the character) had declined an offer to join the organization in the comic book cannon. Ryan Reynold as Deadpool? Just as unlikely. While Deadpool’s film is still on the cards, it’s being treated as reboot rather than a spin-off of his role in X-men Origins: Wolverine. With filming yet to take place and a prospective release date of 2014, I wouldn’t count on seeing him break that fourth wall anytime soon.

How about Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine? More likely. Wolverine does eventually join the team with the New Avengers and Heroic Age arcs, but with Jackman tied up with The Wolverine, there’s no way of knowing if he’ll show. If he does, I would hope it’s along the lines of his appearance in X-Men: First Class — short and not-so-sweet. Finally, there’s Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man. Wouldn’t that be a treat? With his film set to release next year, what better way to help the audience swallow the reboot than by providing Garfield a chance to share the screen with some of the more established faces. At the very least, I’d love to see Nick Fury pay him a visit after the credits. After all, Spider-Man seems to be a crowd-pleaser — it certainly wouldn’t hurt. These are only a handful of possible cameos and with the cast as large as it already is, we might be lucky if we even get one. That said, who would you want to see when the film hits theaters next summer? Feel free to drop by Facebook page and let us know.

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