Hawkeye Croons About His Other Powers

Posted by Bob Muir on Apr 30, 2015 in Comic Books


Sure, Hawkeye is a badass, but put next to people with metal suits or super strength, he can look a little underpowered. But he’s good at other things too — like Mario Kart, or trombone, or bowling. And he sang about them on The Tonight Show, which is like another thing he can do. It’s alright, Hawkeye, we still like you and your cool comic by Fraction & Aja. Read more…

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Marvel Announces A-Force, An All Female Avengers Comic

Posted by Ben Huber on Feb 8, 2015 in Comic Books


Marvel has slowly been working on making more diverse comics, and while it’s still not perfect, they’ve made some big strides. Their latest announcement is the A-Force, an Avengers comic featuring an all female cast. The roster will be lead by She-Hulk, along with Dazzler, Medusa, Nico Minoru, and a new heroine called Singularity. The art for the series will be done by Jorge Molina with writing by the Ms. Marvel scribe, G. Willow Wilson, and Marguerite Bennett (Batgirl). This is a really cool setup (it’s part of Marvel’s Secret Wars storyline right now) and I hope it continues beyond that. Check out the full cover art below. Read more…

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Lego Jurassic Park and Avengers Video Games Announced

Posted by Ben Huber on Jan 31, 2015 in Cinema, Hobbies and Collections


You’re probably not surprised to see more Lego video games announced. But, that said, I have to bring it up because a Lego Jurassic Park game is one of them. It’s titled LEGO Jurassic World, but will actually let you play through all four movies in the game. This means that for the first time ever (correct me if I’m wrong), you’ll be able to play as Lego Jeff Goldblum. This is wonderful news! I hope this game features as many characters as possible (Lego games usually do…) but the next most important question is: can I play as a dinosaur? We’ll have to wait and see. Lego Jurassic World is coming out in June. Oh, and there’s also a Lego Avengers game, based on Avengers and Age of Ultron. Whatever! Read more…

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Lego Marvel UCS S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier Revealed

Posted by Ben Huber on Jan 30, 2015 in Hobbies and Collections


Lego does a good job of keeping leaks locked down! Lego fans had heard rumors of an Ultimate Collectors Series Marvel S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier for a long while, but images of the set didn’t leak until yesterday! Now it’s been officially announced so here: take a look at the Helicarrier! It’s a large model with quite a lot of minifigures, microscale jets, microfigures, and more. It’s nearly 3000 pieces and will run you $349.99. Lego VIP members will get it February 17th, and it’ll go on sale to the general public on March 1st. It also apparently has a spot to drop in Lego battery-powered motors (sold separately, of course). Check out the images below! Read more…

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Josh Brolin is Thanos

Posted by Ben Huber on Jun 1, 2014 in Cinema, Comic Books


It looks like we finally know who our Thanos will be: Josh Brolin. That’s a pretty impressive secret to keep locked up, Marvel! Thanos will first show up in Guardians of the Galaxy, and then presumably in Avengers 3 as the final “big bad.” I think Brolin is a pretty good choice for this part, especially given that square jaw of his. No prosthetic needed! Marvel is doing their best to thread Thanos throughout the Marvel universe, getting him ready for his big debut, so I think it’ll get fans excited when he finally shows up. Let’s hope Brolin does a good job! Read more…

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Solo Black Widow Film Still In Development?

Posted by Ben Huber on Feb 16, 2014 in Cinema, Comic Books


Marvel has been toying with the idea of film focusing on Black Widow for a while now, but we’ve never really gotten a solid answer from Marvel one way or the other. Kevin Feige recently spoke to the possibility, and while he didn’t confirm anything, he did imply it was still on the table. “The notion of exploring that even further in her own film would be great, and we have some development work with that.” Just do it already! She’s a fan-favorite character, and Scarlett Johansson is a great actress — plus, we need more female superheroes in leading roles. It’d be a shame to leave her as a perpetual sidekick in all the other Marvel films. Read more…

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Joss Whedon Helped Fix Thor: The Dark World

Posted by Bob Muir on Sep 19, 2013 in Cinema, Comic Books

Joss Whedon and Chris Hemsworth

The latest issue of SFX magazine has an interview with Alan Taylor, director of several Game of Thrones episodes as well as Thor: The Dark World. He says that when certain scenes just weren’t working in the film, he called in the director of The Avengers, Joss Whedon. Whedon had previously helped fix some of Captain America: The First Avenger, so since he’s in charge of The Avengers: Age of Ultron, the next big team-up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it makes sense that he’d be the one to turn to. Read more…

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Watch This: Early Unused Avengers Animatic

Posted by Ben Huber on Aug 26, 2013 in Animation, Cinema


I love seeing the tricks and effort that go into “movie magic.” Concept art, early animatics, CG tricks, anything that shows how they create the amazing stuff you see on screen. That’s why I was super interested to see on The Awesomer a link to an early animatic for The Avengers, focusing on Iron Man’s introduction. It’s way more exciting and interesting than the one we got, but I can understand why it was ditched: why do we need to be introduced to a villain right away that we’ll never see again? Still, if you’re like me and love seeing this behind-the-scenes work, check it out below. Read more…

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Avengers 2 is Titled Age of Ultron

Posted by Ben Huber on Jul 22, 2013 in Cinema, Comic Books


Surprise, comic book fans! The Thanos tease at the end of Avengers was nothing more but a clever ruse. While Thanos is clearly being set up for the long haul (and is confirmed to show up in Guardians of the Galaxy), for now, the sequel to Avengers will instead focus on Ultron, the insane, powerful robot with daddy issues. But you already know all about the title now. The real question is: how will this line up with Ant-Man (the creator of Ultron)? Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man film is currently part of Marvel’s “phase 3,” which will take place after Avengers 2, so they way I see it, there are three options. One, they create a brand new origin for him. Two, they don’t give him an origin, and reveal it later in Ant-Man. Or three, they move Ant-Man up into Avengers (or at least Hank Pym). Which will it be? Read more…

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Jed Whedon Promises We’ll Find Out How Coulson Returned… Someday

Posted by Ben Huber on Jul 13, 2013 in Comic Books, Television


With the new Marvel TV show Agents of SHIELD starting up this fall, I’m sure a lot of fans are wondering how Agent Coulson made his way onto the small screen given his fate in The Avengers. Jed Whedon, the co-creator of the show and (as you’ve probably guessed) brother of Joss Whedon, said that they’ll tell you – just not right away. “We can’t wait to pull the curtain back on that,” he teased. But it won’t happen in the first episode, it’ll be over the course of the whole season: “we’re going to take our time.” Most comic fans know that characters come back to life all the time, so this isn’t really a surprise – but it is the first time a wider audience will be enjoying this trope, so I can see why the Whedons are having fun with it. Read more…

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Robert Downey Jr. Returns for 2 More Marvel Films: Avengers 2 & 3

Posted by Ben Huber on Jun 21, 2013 in Cinema, Comic Books


Hold your tears, Marvel fans, Robert Downey Jr. has signed a new contract with Disney to continue playing Iron Man. The big twist? He’s only signing on for Avengers 2 and 3. Two films, that’s it. So Iron Man 4 will, for now, remain absent of RDJ. Perhaps War Machine will become the focus there? At the very least we’ll see the original Iron Man in the next two team-up films, and perhaps there are some secret cameos signed in there (but we won’t hear about those, obviously). So you’ll have Iron Man around until 2018. How does that sound? Read more…

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How Bright Does A Franchise’s Star Burn? Movie Grosses Ranked

Posted by Bob Muir on May 28, 2013 in Cinema, Star Trek, Star Wars

Movie Franchises as Stars

With the recent release of Star Trek Into Darkness and the constant buzz surrounding 2015’s Star Wars: Episode VII, the franchises continue to be big in the public eye. But if these two franchises were stars, how bright would they be? The New Yorker has charted the two franchises, as well as several other prominent franchises throughout the past few decades, to see which franchise has raked in the most money. Unsurprisingly, James Bond wins that, due to there being 24 films in the franchise. But when ranked by what a franchise’s average film earned, Star Wars was the clear winner, as well as in franchise profitability. (Even the prequels couldn’t ruin that!) Since we can’t embed it, you can see the full chart here and find where your favorite franchise wound up. Read more…

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Picked up on ABC

Posted by Ben Huber on May 12, 2013 in Television


Are you surprised? The Disney-owned channel ABC will be picking up Joss Whedon’s TV side-story featuring Agent Coulson and his team, called Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Later this evening the first look at the show will air at 8pm, before the season finale of Once Upon a Time. I’m not sure if it will be substantial peek or just a 5-second promo, but hopefully we’ll get a good look at the pilot footage. What I wonder most about is whether Agent Coulson’s big-screen popularity in Avengers will translate to the small-screen as well. Watch the preview tonight if you want to find out! Read more…

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Rumor Party: Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in Avengers 2?

Posted by Ben Huber on May 3, 2013 in Cinema, Comic Books


Here’s a messy story floating around the internet right now: recently Joss Whedon teased that a certain brother/sister duo would show up in Avengers 2. Everyone jumped up in excitement at the idea that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver could show up, and then EW claims a source confirmed that this would be happening. So far so good, but the messiest part will be the rights. Fox owns the rights to X-Men, but Disney with the Avengers rights puts these two companies in the odd position of both being allowed to use the characters. Will Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver simply never mention their past or father? Or is Disney playing the game for the long-haul, hoping to somehow strike deals with Fox eventually? Like I said, it’s messy, and will probably only get worse as time goes on. Read more…

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PBS Avengers Assemble To Fight Bad TV Shows

Posted by Bob Muir on May 2, 2013 in Television

PBS Avengers

Let’s face it: as awesome as some TV has become with incredible shows like Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and the like, there’s a lot of TV that has gotten even worse. Some channels are wastelands of vapid reality TV, pointless competitions, derivative copycats, and other incredibly stupid content. Who better to save us from this than PBS, in an Avengers-style team-up? Read more…

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It’s Morphin’ Time For The Avengers

Posted by Bob Muir on Mar 19, 2013 in Television

The Avengers as Power Rangers

Sometimes mashups happen, and they just make sense. Take the Avengers. With the Marvel Cinematic Universe primed to go cosmic, the team are being prepped to fight more alien menaces. Now combine that with the Power Rangers motif, and all you’re missing is a Zord. Read more…

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ILM Boasts About How They Made Avengers

Posted by Ben Huber on Jan 6, 2013 in Cinema


Industrial Light and Magic is one of the biggest special effects companies in the business – they certainly seem to be everywhere. Their work on the Avengers was great stuff and recently they put up a video showing how they composed what they call the “tie-en” shot near the end of the film where all the heroes swoosh past the camera in dramatic fashion. If you’re curious how they made several separate shots seem like one large continuous one, then check out the video below! Read more…



Hot Toys’ Phil Coulson Now Up For Pre-Order

Posted by Ben Huber on Nov 25, 2012 in Hobbies and Collections


Hot Toys continues to impress with their series of figures. The amount of work they put into making sure characters’ faces look real is astounding, and I wish I could own them all. For those of you out there (and I know you’re out there) who loved Agent Phil Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D., you can now pre-order him. He’ll be releasing June 2013, so there’s a bit of a wait, but it’s worth it for one of these figures, right? I bet he’ll look great with the rest of the Avengers team that’s also being released by Hot Toys. Could someone remake the whole Avengers film with these? Would it look much different from the real thing? Read more…

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The Sengoku Avengers Are Very Cool, Need to Be Posters

Posted by Ben Huber on Sep 7, 2012 in Design, Fandom


If I’m going to feature art on here, it’s got to be either really clever or just plain stunning. This falls into the ‘really clever’ category: the Avengers done as heroes in Japan’s warring states period. The Sengoku Avengers were drawn by Alex Mitchell (genesischant) who redid the entire cast as if they had sprung from ancient Japanese literature. Iron Man is really bold and colorful, while Nick Fury is a bit more faithful. I particularly like Agent Coulson as Fury’s owl – very cute. Alex needs to make these available as prints pronto! See more after the jump. Read more…



Avengers Promo Videos Feature Samuel L. Jackson and Commodore 64

Posted by Ben Huber on Aug 27, 2012 in Cinema, Comic Books


With the release of the Avengers’ Blu-ray and DVD coming up in September, the marketing is in full-force with videos teasing the special features and deleted scenes. Below the break we have Bruce Banner asking about a Commodore 64, actors singing the praises of Samuel L. Jackson’s skills, and Joss Whedon explaining some of his method to making the film. I suppose the marketing is doing its job, because now I’m pretty interested in seeing more of these deleted scenes! Read more…



Fan Builds Flying RC Helicarrier from Avengers

Posted by Ben Huber on Aug 25, 2012 in Fandom


While we might not have the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier from the Avengers in real life yet, Russian RCDesign forum user native18 took it upon himself to create a full-functioning RC replica of the flying behemoth. Obviously it’s more made for action figures than real people, but it coasts on water and flies too! Mighty impressive work, even if the music is a little too dramatic for the video. Still, I hope we see something similar as a product one day, because who wouldn’t want to own their own S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier? Video after the break. Read more…



Avengers 2 Release Date Confirmed for the Distant Future of 2015

Posted by Bob Muir on Aug 16, 2012 in Cinema, Comic Books


After The Avengers was released back in May, I wanted a sequel right away. It didn’t help that Marvel’s usual post-credits teaser was prominently shown before the credits even finished rolling. I want to know what Thanos is grinning about, if the Skrulls Chitauri are going to cause more trouble, and how anyone could top the citywide brawl at the film’s climax. Sadly, it sounds like fans will have to wait a while longer. Read more…

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Own the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Jul 17, 2012 in Cinema, Comic Books


If you’re a big enough fan, you likely own every one of these films already, but now Marvel’s giving you a reason to buy them all again. Introducing the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One – Avengers Assembled! This ten disc set comes with the six films that make up the current Marvel universe and is loaded with all kinds of extras. In case you’re unsure which films we’re talking about, its The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger and finally, The Avengers. Oh, and did I mention it comes with a Tesseract?

Read more…

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Loki Figure By Hot Toys Sure to Make Women Swoon, Men Desire His Helmet

Posted by Ben Huber on May 20, 2012 in Hobbies and Collections


You gotta admit, that helmet is pretty nifty – and given Loki’s huge female fanbase, I’m going to guess that a lot of them will be looking at picking this amazing figure: Hot Toys has returned to their Avengers line with another super-detailed model, this time of Loki. Once again, the face is the star here, with an incredible attention to detail. The eyes, though, those piercing eyes! They follow me around the room, it’s slightly unnerving. Still, if you’re a Loki fan or know one, you can pre-order him now for $219.99 for when he releases in December later this year. Read more…

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