A Reason to Buy Star Wars on Blu-ray

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Sep 20, 2011 in Animation, Star Wars |

Boba Fett Star Wars Holiday Special

I’ve been trying to convince myself to overlook Lucas’ edits, but I really haven’t found a reason until now. It seems as though the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special — or at least, the portion of it featuring the introduction of Boba Fett — has been included as a hidden treat. The Easter Egg can be found on the bonus disc for the Original Trilogy by accessing the archive for Episode V. After that, navigate your way to “Pursued by the Imperial Fleet,” access “The Collection,” then select Boba Fett’s prototype costume. A menu then pops up on the right with the option “First Look” which will treat you to a short introduction that leads to the Holiday Special. If you’ve never seen the special before, be prepared to be disappointed. The voice acting is terrible, and the plot is a little lame, but it’s a piece of history that rarely sees the light of day. There’s probably going to be more Easter Eggs hidden away, but I doubt any of them could be as pleasing as this one.

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