Rumor: Disney Aiming To Release Un-Edited Original Star Wars Trilogy

Posted by Ben Huber on Aug 18, 2014 in Cinema, Star Wars


More Star Wars news for your week! ComicBook is reporting that they’ve heard from several sources that Disney is working hard on re-releasing the original Star Wars trilogy on Blu-ray in their unaltered form. Now, this makes a lot of sense, both because a) it’s free money, and b) it builds goodwill with hardcore Star Wars fans before Episode VII arrives. 20th Century Fox still has distribution rights, though, so a deal would need to occur between them and Disney, but I think that’d be a pretty simple stepping stone at this point. Read more…

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Breaking Bad Blu-ray Barrel Coming November 26

Posted by Bob Muir on Sep 10, 2013 in Television

Breaking Bad: The Complete Series

There are only three episodes left to go in what is surely one of the greatest TV shows ever made, Breaking Bad. If you haven’t been collecting the series on Blu-ray so far, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has a proposition for you. Check out Breaking Bad: The Complete Series, a Blu-ray collection of all 62 episodes and 55 hours of special features on 16 discs. Those bonus features include a two-hour documentary on the making of the final season exclusive to this set, as well as all other previously released bonus material, even the retailer exclusives. All the discs are housed in a replica barrel from the show. There’s also a Los Pollos Hermanos apron, a collectible booklet, and a Breaking Bad challenge coin for fans. The set looks great! Read more…



Blu-ray Collector’s Edition Of Dark Knight Trilogy Possibly Leaked

Posted by Bob Muir on Jun 27, 2013 in Cinema, Comic Books

The Dark Knight Trilogy Blu-ray

Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy is already out on Blu-ray — in fact, I’m looking at my girlfriend’s classy box containing all three films on the shelf. But there was an ad included, mentioning the ability to later buy collectibles that would be included in an upcoming “Ultimate Collector’s Edition” of the trilogy. If this Polish Batman site is to be believed, these are the first images of what’s in the box. We don’t know what is on the nine discs besides the movies, but it looks like there’s at least an art book and a lithograph of some sort. There are toy models of significant vehicles from the series, though I’d argue that their coloring is off. And damn, look at what I assume are individual cases for each movie! There’s some amazing stylized art there, such as the Scarecrow’s mask being mixed with a straight jacket, or Bane’s mask and prison bars. It’s just a shame that Warner Brothers didn’t put this out before people bought the first trilogy set! Read more…

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Prometheus Blu-ray to Feature New Beginning and Ending

Posted by Ben Huber on Oct 5, 2012 in Cinema


Still confused by Prometheus? I enjoyed it, purely from an artist standpoint, but sadly felt that the story left much to be desired. Perhaps that’s the reason I’m excited for the Blu-ray release of Ridley Scott’s latest – deleted scenes and alternate beginning and ending clips might help make the story feel a bit more cohesive. But these new features on the disc, while neat, probably won’t fix everything. I did crack up at the dramatic music that started playing when the trailer mentions you can use your tablet with the film to see extra content. Read more…

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Star Trek TNG in HD Out Now

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Jul 25, 2012 in Star Trek

Star Trek TNG in HD Season 1 Blu-Ray

The first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation in HD should finally be available at store near you. My copy arrived earlier today, and I couldn’t wait to marathon a few of the discs. Of course, watching the first season of Star Trek the Next Generation can almost seem like a chore — the writing wasn’t incredible, the props and costumes needed some work, and the acting left plenty to be desired — so I had to pace myself. I was a bit worried that the experience would be much akin to chewing on a stick of Fruit Stripe gum — you know, ‘oos’ and ‘ahs’ for the first few minutes then suddenly ‘aww’. However, it actually isn’t that bad.

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The Definitive Indiana Jones

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Jul 3, 2012 in Cinema

Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures Blu-Ray

It’s been a long time coming, but the wait is almost over. Set for release this September, Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures delivers all four Indy films in stunning high-definition for the very first time. Each film will feature full 1080p restorations, and new 5.1 DTS-HD audio tracks. They even restored Raiders of the Lost Ark using a 4k scan of the original negatives, so I’m sure it’ll look absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, the collection also includes Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, but as if to make up for that fact, Amazon has discounted the box set from its list price of $100 to just $75. Read more…

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Save Big on Star Trek TNG in HD

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Jun 4, 2012 in Star Trek

Star Trek The Next Generation Season one Blu-Ray HD

For the longest time, I’ve been wanting to see Star Trek: The Next Generation receive its much-needed facelift, and after picking up a copy of Star Trek: The Next Generation -The Next Level Blu-ray sampler earlier this year, I’ve become conflicted. Not because I don’t want them to finish remastering the series, but because I honestly loathed the first two seasons — at least, in comparison to the series as a whole, which I found brilliant. The writing was often sub-par, the acting absolutely atrocious at times, and the visuals (props, sets, costumes) — yikes, do we really need to see those in high definition? Read more…

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Indiana Jones Boxset Coming to Blu-Ray This Fall

Posted by Ben Huber on Mar 2, 2012 in Cinema


Who doesn’t want some awesome hi-def Indiana Jones action? Finally, after much waiting, we’ve gotten an official announcement of Indiana Jones arriving on Blu-Ray this fall. Sadly, there aren’t really any other details aside from the announcement itself and an Amazon listing for the package that features the pricetag of $75. I’d pay more if Crystal Skull was left out. I kid, I kid. Check out the 720p trailer after the jump. Read more…

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Monty Python and the Holy Blu-ray

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Feb 27, 2012 in Cinema

Monty Python and the Holy Grail Blu-ray case

The comedy epic Monty Python and the Holy Grail is finally making Blu-ray debut.  The film’s been “digitally remastered for high-definition,” so I imagine that means they did more than just upscale the previous DVD release. The Blu-ray release will also include several exclusive features, such as “Second Screen Experience” compatibility, along with extended scenes, outtakes, lost animations and more. Finally, the disc features UltraViolet compatibility, granting its owner a digital license for the product. The owner can then instantly stream, or download a digital copy of the film. Monty Python and the Holy Grail will be available March 6th and retails for $19.99, but you can pre-order it via Amazon for just $12.99. Read more…

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The Doctor, The Widow and the Blu-ray

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Feb 9, 2012 in Dr. Who, Television

The Doctor, The Widow, and the Wardrobe Blu-ray

For those in need of a Doctor Who fix, 2011 Christmas special, The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe, is set to hit stores on February 14th, just in time for Valentines day. Some of you might have caught my mini-review back in December, and while I felt it wasn’t the Doctor at his best, the special certainly had its moments. For some of you it’ll make an awesome alternative to flowers or chocolates, and for others it might just serve to hold you over till the Doctor returns to BBC later this year. For those of you who want to pre-order it, Amazon is selling the Blu-ray for $15.99, or if you’d rather have it on DVD, just $10.99. Amazon prime members can select free 2-day shipping to receive their copy on the 14th instead of having to wait.

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The Definitive 007 Box Set

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Jan 12, 2012 in Cinema

Bond 50 Blu-ray

I’ve never been big on owning box sets while a franchise is still on-going, but in this instance, I might make an exception.  It’s true that James Bond has always remained a controversial character, and while he’s often described as misogynistic, sexist, and even a tad juvenile, he remains one of the most iconic heroes to ever grace the silver screen. For the first time ever, all twenty two 007 films will be made available for Blu-ray, nine of which have never been released in high definition — that is, until now.

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Encounter at Farpoint HD Comparisons

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Jan 11, 2012 in Star Trek

As many of you are already aware,  Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Next Level is set for release later this month. The Blu-ray sampler includes three recently remastered HD episodes from the series, including the full feature length version of the series premiere “Encounter at Farpoint.” If you’re wondering what to expect, check out this sweet side-by-side comparison of the original and remastered version. The colors really pop, and you can tell they spent some time polishing those special effects. I’d like to believe the changes could make that entire first season bearable, but short of inventing a time machine and rewriting the scripts, its not likely. Nevertheless, they’ll also be including “Sins of the Father,” as well as the critically acclaimed “The Inner Light,” both of which are exponentially better both in terms of writing and pacing. The disc goes on sale January 31st, and will retail for just $21.99.

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Our First Actual Look at TNG in HD

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Nov 15, 2011 in Star Trek

Here’s the latest trailer for the upcoming Star Trek: the Next Generation – The Next Level Blu-ray sampler set to be released on January 31st. The trailer starts with the teaser footage released a few months back, and the new content starts around a minute and seventeen seconds in, detailing the restoration process, and showing clips from the episodes included on the disc. You’ll probably notice that the episodes are still in 4:3 format, rather than 16:9, but that’s actually intended. They haven’t really said why, but there could really be any number of reasons, such as unintended crew or equipment being present in the shots, etc. That said, the show is still being completely recomposited from scratch using the original negatives and transferred to 1080p, so it’ll still look amazing.  Once again, the sampler will retail for $21.99 and should include five full episodes. It’s been confirmed that the rest of 178 episodes will eventually follow.

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A Reason to Buy Star Wars on Blu-ray

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Sep 20, 2011 in Animation, Star Wars

Boba Fett Star Wars Holiday Special

I’ve been trying to convince myself to overlook Lucas’ edits, but I really haven’t found a reason until now. It seems as though the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special — or at least, the portion of it featuring the introduction of Boba Fett — has been included as a hidden treat. The Easter Egg can be found on the bonus disc for the Original Trilogy by accessing the archive for Episode V. After that, navigate your way to “Pursued by the Imperial Fleet,” access “The Collection,” then select Boba Fett’s prototype costume. A menu then pops up on the right with the option “First Look” which will treat you to a short introduction that leads to the Holiday Special. If you’ve never seen the special before, be prepared to be disappointed. The voice acting is terrible, and the plot is a little lame, but it’s a piece of history that rarely sees the light of day. There’s probably going to be more Easter Eggs hidden away, but I doubt any of them could be as pleasing as this one.

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TNG Blu-Ray Sampler Set for December

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Sep 15, 2011 in Star Trek

Star Trek: The Next Generation

The other month we mentioned the possibility of a Star Trek: The Next Generation HD sampler disc releasing later this year. The report claimed the sampler would feature four remastered episodes, and could be used to gauge consumer interest — as if it wouldn’t sell, right? Well, it’s not just a rumor anymore. LeVar Burton recently confirmed that the project was indeed a reality via twitter. In addition, several details have come to light regarding the upcoming project. The sampler, which may be officially announced on the show’s anniversary later this month, is set for release “on or around 12/6,” and may feature the series premiere Encounter at Farpoint. I suppose we can’t complain too much with that choice, but I would have much rather had any other episode from season 3 onwards — Best of Both Worlds, anybody?

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Flash Gordon Gives us Camp on the Cheap

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Aug 9, 2011 in Cinema

Flash Gordon blu-ray case

Oh Flash Gordon, all the bad acting in the world couldn’t stop my love for you. No, it’s not quite as timeless as the 1936 classic, and it might be plagued by its camp, but that’s really why we loved it, isn’t it?  The costumes and sets were so over-the-top that one can’t help but be entertained by what was obviously a clear attempt by director Mike Hodges to pay homage to everything remotely related to the franchise, no matter how absurd it may seem. Add to that the fact that the film’s entire score is performed by Queen, and its easy to overlook most fans gripes. The film finally made its way to Blu-ray last year, and while I’m not sure what kind of high-definition experience you could possibly expect for something shot in 1980, it’s still a must have for any collector or fan. Amazon is currently selling it for 46% off, so head over and pick your copy up today.

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The Next Generation in HD? Make it So

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Jul 28, 2011 in Star Trek

Star Trek The Next Generation Crew

Reports from several sites are indicating that we be seeing Star Trek: The Next Generation in full HD by the end of the year. Not the full series mind you, but a special remastered “Best of” Blu-ray with only four episodes. The report also suggests that the set, serving as a test of sorts, could be followed by the entire series as early as next year. Early speculation led many to believe that remastering the series would be infeasible due to the number of special effects shots necessary to complete the project and attempting to do so would be costly. Also, if any of you remember how terrible the first two seasons were, then you’ll know they have their work cut out for them. Still, if there’s a clear demand, and I’m sure there is, CBS could easily fund it. No word yet on how they plan on distributing the “Best of” set, but we’ll keep you posted on any new developments regarding the project.

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Fear Leads to Anger, Anger Leads to Hate

Posted by Tim Sheehy on May 26, 2011 in Cinema, Star Wars

Star Wars Original Trilogy Blu-ray

Like many of you, I’ve spent the last year pining away for the upcoming Blu-ray release of the Star Wars saga. Specifically, I’ve been looking forward to owning a copy of the original trilogy in high definition, seeing as I haven’t purchased a set since the THX remastered edition in 1995. They released those “special edition” films less than 2 years later, but the way I see it, at least I’ll always have proof that Han shot first. I was hoping that the upcoming Blu-rays would feature both the original and “special” editions of each film. God knows they have the space to fit them on the disc, but it’s as I feared, only those “special” editions will be included. At least the box art looks pretty swank, right?

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Star Wars Finally Coming to Blu-Ray

Posted by Michael Sacco on Jan 8, 2011 in Star Wars

Star Wars

Well, can’t really chalk this one up as a surprise — after all, the movies have been released on pretty much every type of film media ever made — but both Star Wars trilogies are officially on their way to Blu-Ray this September. On top of their presentation in the current-best audio and video formats, the six films will also be packaged with over thirty hours of special features, deleted scenes, and alternate endings, some of which we’ve apparently never seen before. Each trilogy retails for $64.99, or you can get the complete collection for $139.99. If that’s a little rich for your blood, then there’s good news: Amazon has special pre-order pricing, and you can get the whole shebang for $89.99. Search your feelings. You know you want it. Read more…

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