There May Be A New Alien In Prometheus 2

Posted by Bob Muir on Nov 20, 2014 in Cinema


It’s hard to think of many aliens more iconic than the Xenomorph of Ridley Scott’s Alien. Scott realizes we still need new attempts though, so apparently he has teased a new alien to appear in the third act of Prometheus 2. Scott said that he’d avoid species from previous Alien films, and to “Stop the dragons.” The rumor of God or Satan being involved was also denied. I’m not that surprised, I always figured there were more aliens in that version of space. I’d be interested to hear how they may relate to other species though. Read more…

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Alien Artist H.R. Giger Passes Away

Posted by Bob Muir on May 15, 2014 in Cinema

H.R. Giger

Hans Ruedi Giger, a Swiss artist responsible for much of the design of Alien, Prometheus, and many other films, has passed away at age 74, due to injuries caused by a fall. H.R. Giger was most well-known for his biomechanical art, which combined living and mechanical elements in horrifying fashion. One of his paintings, Necronom IV, was reused by the artist as the template from which Alien‘s xenomorph was designed. It’s impossible to sum up this man’s artist accomplishments beyond Alien, but a good place to start would be checking out collections of his art like Necronomicon. It’s sure to give you nightmares. Read more…

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Prometheus Blu-ray to Feature New Beginning and Ending

Posted by Ben Huber on Oct 5, 2012 in Cinema


Still confused by Prometheus? I enjoyed it, purely from an artist standpoint, but sadly felt that the story left much to be desired. Perhaps that’s the reason I’m excited for the Blu-ray release of Ridley Scott’s latest – deleted scenes and alternate beginning and ending clips might help make the story feel a bit more cohesive. But these new features on the disc, while neat, probably won’t fix everything. I did crack up at the dramatic music that started playing when the trailer mentions you can use your tablet with the film to see extra content. Read more…

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Get Prometheus Digitally Weeks Early

Posted by Ben Huber on Sep 10, 2012 in Cinema


As part of a new program to get customers on the digital bandwagon, FOX will be starting to release their films early on digital distribution services – before the Blu-ray and DVD hit shelves. The first film as part of this new promotion will be Prometheus, which you’ll be able to download from iTunes, Amazon, Xbox, Playstation, Vudu, and more on September 18th. The physical release arrives October 11th. Granted, it’s not Blu-ray quality, but if you’re looking to get your alien fix early, that’s the way to do it. It’ll run $15 and more films are on the way, including Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Let’s hope FOX begins to work well in the digital space. Read more…

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Why Prometheus 2 Will Be Better Than the First

Posted by Ben Huber on Aug 4, 2012 in Cinema


Since everyone seems to be complaining or celebrating the news that Fox is pushing forward with a Prometheus sequel, I thought I would try to bring a different opinion to the table. While having Michael Fassbender (the best character of Prometheus) and Noomi Rapace return along with director Ridley Scott is good news in my book, I can understand why people may be hesitant about the return to the Alien universe. However, I think a sequel will actually end up solving several problems that existed in the first film. Spoilers for the end of Prometheus after the break! Read more…

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Red Letter Media Has a Few Questions for Damon Lindelof

Posted by Ben Huber on Jun 15, 2012 in Cinema, Fandom

I’m going to guess most of you have probably check out Prometheus by now, and you’ve probably taken in the beautiful scenery, amazing sets, and simply awesome world Ridley Scott created on-screen. You’ve also probably got enough questions to choke a small animal, because Damon Lindelof’s vague script detracts from all the good elements in the film. Red Letter Media, the always hilarious bunch of folks who made the incredible 90-minute Star Wars prequel reviews, starring the creepy murderer Plinkett, have returned to ask a few questions about Prometheus’ story. Mike and Jay, from the Half in the Bag series, usually do insightful and dorky movie reviews, but it seems Prometheus has taken its toll on their brains. Check out the brain-melting question video above, then watch their full review here.

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Joel McHale Makes Fun of His Job in Prometheus Parody

Posted by Ben Huber on Jun 10, 2012 in Cinema, Fandom

You remember the ‘David’ viral videos for Prometheus? Telling you all the features of the wonderful android known as David? Well, here’s a little parody video featuring Joel McHale (from The Soup and Community) making fun of his own job and other clip show hosts’ jobs. It’s kind of clever and makes me wonder if many people really did catch on to the viral promotions for Prometheus – as in, will we see people continue to talk about them in the future? Still, I’ll take it anyway, as I will use any opportunity to bring up Ryan Seacrest jokes… and this video has them.



New Prometheus Featurette Shows Amazing, Huge Sets

Posted by Ben Huber on May 12, 2012 in Cinema

This latest featurette on Ridley Scott’s upcoming Prometheus really gives a good look at how big and detailed the sets they made really are. Especially that impressive-looking chair that Michael Fassbender settles down into – it makes me sad that there’s less and less of that happening. I hope this shows studios that traditional sets still have a place in sci-fi films. The recent R rating news also gives me some hope that Scott was given free reign with the entirety of the film, which is always good. This short video gives a glimpse into the amount of work put into Prometheus, but it might be a little spoiler-y for some people, so beware!

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New Prometheus Featurette: Listen to Actors Gush Over Ridley Scott

Posted by Ben Huber on Apr 27, 2012 in Cinema

I like Ridley Scott. I like his films. Apparently, these actors love Ridley too. A lot. Of course, it’s just how the featurette is cut, I’m sure, but the real news here is the excellent look at the sets and process behind Prometheus, Ridley’s latest sci-fi film. I’ve always admired Ridley’s desire to stick with traditional sets. Building the environments for the actors to actually move around in helps a great deal in enhancing the believability of a film. I’m interested in seeing how it all pans out when the film finally releases on June 8th.

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New Images from Ridley Scott’s Prometheus Show Alien “DNA”

Posted by Ben Huber on Dec 3, 2011 in Cinema

Ridley Scott's Prometheus

When news first broke of Ridley Scott creating a prequel to Alien, many people were rightfully excited. While that specific project broke down, it turned into something equally interesting: Prometheus. Now, I’m not using Alien “DNA” in the literal sense. Instead, I’m referring to Ridley Scott’s original comments about the film, in that it will share many “strands of Alien’s DNA” and have similar underlying themes. That fact is incredibly apparent with these new images released to tide us over until the inevitable trailer release. Read more…

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Okay, Scratch That, No Alien Prequel After All

Posted by Michael Sacco on Jan 15, 2011 in Cinema

Alien Prequel

So that’s pretty much that. Ridley Scott announced today that his planned Alien prequel is dead, but he’s making a new film with ideas from the abandoned project. The new film, titled Prometheus, is being penned by Scott and Damon Lindelof, and Scott extolls its “unique, large and provocative” ideas. According to Scott, the film has “Alien DNA,” though he means in terms of concept and scope, not that actual xenomorph DNA will figure into the plot somehow. Fox, to their credit, has backed Scott’s plan and given the film a March 9th, 2012 release date.

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